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CANCER/CANCER RISING The love action of early November is in your ideas/comms sector. So romantically, now is the time for a cerebral love affair, to fall in love with someone’s beautiful mind (and they yours), and/or polish up your communication skills with Mr/Mrs Crab. If you’re already hooked up, you’re delving into all manner of wonderful conversations with one another; about each other’s hopes and dreams, the future, shared intellectual thrills -a deeper mutual understanding is unfolding, and you’re more enamoured than ever… And if you’re on the prowl, here’s my advice, polish thy sparkly flirtation skills right up! Classy, intelligent conversation is your new turn on; you choose attractions based on shared interests/mental rapport rather than purely physical desire. Not that the two are mutually exclusive… it could be right in the middle of an intellectually sparkling rave with someone random at a party/work thing/whatever that things suddenly turn alarmingly sexy. And your earnest of discussion of some author/etc gives way to teasing eye contact, subtle, playful innuendo… you can guess the rest. Not that you’re using clever dialogue as an excuse to get laid, more that you naturally follow a genuinely intelligent connection to it’s logical romantic conclusion… In the meantime, you’re actually quite busy with Saturn hassling your work sector. You are acutely aware of just how much effort is going to be required, over the next few years, to materialize your latest professional scheme. So you roll up your sleeves and get into it –there’s no time like the present to tackle the task at hand, yes? Whatever hard-yakka you are dealing with now; you will look back, better for it, in years to come and thank yourself for laying the groundwork now, if you know what I mean. Today’s discipline is tomorrow’s success. The Full Moon of the 26th provides the inspiration –your driving force is suffused with creative mojo, magic, pure, visionary awesome …

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