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Love is the drug right now, and everyone else is running around trying to hook up; but you’re just determinedly focused upon the day-job. You’re like, romance shmomance- I’ve got work to do and aint no emo distraction gonna hold me back from that. Which could be the most genius love strategy of all. I mean beyond the obvious benefits of a solid work ethic: a healthy, productive lifestyle, a more shmick professional reputation, new opportunities, steady success and, specifically, building fantastic professional relationships/better networking skills. This is good stuff, and will improve your prospects regardless of romantic action –which is important. Lucky Jupiter is in your work-sector, for goodness sake; you just know in your bones that any extra effort on your part right now is going to exponentially expand your long-term prospects, (to the degree that it’s coming form a place of enthused ambition, not so much schlepping through the dreary, daily-grind). So you’re gonna grab that energy whilst it’s there, yes -persistent professional focus is your new mantra. But also, when you’re on the job is when you’re waymore likely to accidentally meet someone hot, get your flirt on, cultivate a biz connection that could turn suddenly sexy when least expected, perhaps? Yes, you might want to polish up your daily ‘look’, and put your best foot forward of a morning because you never know who’s about to turn up in the most ‘ordinary’ circumstances. And it’s not just at work; you’re also more likely to spark up an attraction at the gym, grabbing your morning coffee or picking up a superfood smoothie between clients. And if you’re already taken? Your relationship benefits from a healthy work/lifestyle balance; when you’re feeling good about career is when you present a happy attitude at home, and love prospers. Or a more balanced work/life schedule allows more quality time with your lover? Get the work thing right, and love sorts itself out. In any case, the New Moon of the 12th is a new dimension of healthy intimacy in whatever connection you’re into. Love/sex/biz/familial entanglements all benefit from the deeper understanding that comes from real, gutsy vulnerability. Good.

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