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GEMINI/GEMINI RISING So, how you going with taskmaster Saturn properly in your love sector? Are you newly emboldened to sanctify an important, beautiful partnership by truly, really, permanently committing already? Or are you sick of the demands of some oppressive, control freaky entanglement and quietly, successfully scheming a way out? Or are you ready to embrace the idea of singledom; not as some sad-sack fear of loneliness but as a brilliant opportunity to really enjoy your own company and rock some uninterrupted, autonomous emotional well-being for a while? Any of the above scenarios are fab, if you’re coming at it with an attitude of healthy emotional congruence; ie doing what you know feels instinctively right, as opposed to what everyone else is telling you should be doing. I mean it’s not like you were ever one to tow the line of boring, external expectations, huh, so why start now? Meanwhile, there’s a glut of planets in your performance sector. You clearly have some kind of unique talent, and it’s time to share it around. Anything less than shiny, uber confident self-expression on your part is depriving the world of the inspiration you came here to provide. I mean, you’re a sparkly Gemini, for goodness sake, and the rest of us are relying on you to lift us out of our collective ennui...use the New Moon of the 13th to get your brilliant company and creative flair on; the better to further your artsy aspirations, expand your social network, spread some joy around, and most of all have some fun already! And then there’s the big love juju of October. A Venus/Mars hook up is brewing, with lucky Jupiter on board and it’s happening on your home turf! If you’re loved up/shacked up, it’s about to get a whole lot better. If you’re teetering on an ambiguous commitment, it could swing all the way toward domestic bliss. If you’re on the dating scene, you’re getting ready to entice someone hot back to the boudoir and get real cosy together? And, romance aside, your domestic scene is becoming ever more harmonious. Family members/housemates/the landlord suddenly love you, and want to negotiate some win-win living scenario together. Embrace it.

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