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So love goddess Venus has been busy lately. She has been retrograde in Leo since late July, where she has been quietly sharpening her claws and perfecting her cunning, mysterious allure. The better to prepare to pounce on delicious love/art/beauty opportunities when she goes direct -which is this weekend! Many of us have been quietly banging away at some creative/biz scheme or other, or nursing a promising romantic hope -and we feel in our bones it's gonna work out, but

wondering if/when all of our devoted focus will begin to bear fruit? From 6.29pm Sept 6th, AEST, Venus gets moving again, and we all enjoy a new sense of brilliant momentum re chasing our romantic/arty/creative/beauty desires. We pick up our game, love big, chase magnificent creative inspiration, and look more fabulous than ever doing it, of course. FYI if you've been cultivating a new 'look', potentially rad new hair thing, new wardrobe pieces you're itching to bust out, new decor, professional re-branding, a new aesthetic re your art, etc: Sunday onwards is time to begin pulling it all together. It's also been tricky because Venus has been in league with her lover, Mars recently. The lovers were exactly conjunct (hooked up) in the first few days of September, and we may be feeling an insistent rush of' mating/dating libido and isn't love supposed to be hot/happening/happy already!?? Well yes, as it happens; this last week may have presented some potent romantic developments/profoundly passionate moments, and ones destined to play out very nicely in coming months. It's just that Venus was still retrograde during this recent romantic tangle; so love outcomes may take little longer than usual to reveal themselves. Anyone you have recently met/fallen in love or lust with/deepened a connection with could be a Very Big Deal, long term. Or maybe an incredible catalyst for future romantic growth? Let's not try to second guess this just yet. Venus and Mars meet again, in more functional circumstances and in practical Virgo early November. Patience, lovers...patience... Meanwhile we polish up our act, refine our intentions toward all things Venusian (love/diplomacy/art/good looks), and enjoy the new found personal confidence that next week brings. Happy Venus direct!

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