July 1, 2020


So with Saturn retro, backing into your social sector this month you’re giving a lot of thought to the fundamental dynamics of your tribe & your place in the world. As in a bit of a reality check -sorting out the valuable connections around you vs culling any dreary social obligations that don’t so much serve you anymore?

Because also Jupiter/Pluto are so revealing whatever promising scene is calling your name, where you can express yourself more authentically & network more effectively in the world. Also bonding with the close, genuine friends who get you & you remind one another how fab you are.  So once you figure out your ideal crew & niche in the world, you’ve got so much sassy confidence going on! Especially Lunar Eclipse of the 5th, with a deeper sense of emotional rap...

May 30, 2020


So Mars/Neptune entangled in your sign all month is beautiful for your magical charisma but also kind of slippery. I mean you are turned on by such an inspirational sense of what you are capable of and wonderfully, wildly intuitive about the best opportunities to express your exquisite, creative self-expression in the world. So you are chasing the most high-end version of being you, living a meaningful life & loving it –sweet.

But also Neptune dissolves the instant gratification Mars impulse, where you’re called to transcend any impatience to get what you want immediately or controlling ego trips-which aint going to work. So you ideally travel with a cruisy, smooth understanding that your most inspired moves right now will gain traction in terms of material gain when Mars get...

May 2, 2020


So Saturn & Mars brooding in your hidden soul sector is exactly the kind of low key introspective vibe that has you turned on by reflective spiritual work, like a shaman in a cave charging your batteries to access the personal power that lies deep within. So I guess that’s helpful, to make the most of whatever lockdown is keeping you insular right now…

Good, but I tell you what when Mars comes out of hiding to rev up your sign from May 14th you’re going to feel an instant rush of raw, fierce energy that you’ll be busting to express with more dynamic, tangible force in the world! Get ready, sudden onset extrovert coming -so you might want to find some kind of appropriate, satisfying outlet for that huh?

Especially with the spectacular Jupiter/Pluto astro in your social sector....

April 3, 2020


Mars/Saturn in your secret soul sector from the 1st has you shutting down, looking within & doing due diligence on your inner spiritual discipline/yoga/personal development etc. So yes, you’re kind of digging the whole introvert thing going on right now. But also Jupiter/Pluto from the 1st has you busting to do exuberant socialising; to hook into the group zeitgeist that is transforming our collective consciousness, hopefully for the better from your- currently very optimistic- point of view.

You really get that we are all in this together & can achieve great things if we lovingly co-operate, and that is a precious point of view that you are tuning into from within; the better to share it with the rest of us as much as possible in these times of virtual/distance communication...

February 29, 2020


So Mercury retro in & out of your sign for the frost half of March & Saturn in your soul sector has you wondering if you’re actually an introvert or extrovert or what? As in you’re filling your cup by hiding out alone & dong regenerative communion/cosmic connection with your inner muse–yes this is important.  

But also the massive astro in your social sector has you busting to get out there & network/express yourself on the scene, because connection with the tribe/friends who get you & challenge you to walk your talk with full authenticity is so damn energising right now. Especially from the 16th, Mercury unleashes your social butterfly charm on the world with lovely clarity of purpose…

Meanwhile Venus/Uranus around the Full Moon of the 10th is where relationship c...

February 2, 2020


The first half of Feb makes a lot of sense, in terms of clear, tangible focus on the Pisces life plan:

Mars in your career sector is plenty of energy to drive any biz plan or vocational imperative that turns you on; especially syncing with the Full Moon of the 9th in your day job sector for precision instincts about the precise gig or strategy that serves your goals. And the lifestyle choices that serve your healthy/wealthy & wise success outcomes with a healthy work/life balance to enjoy the fruits of your labour, right?

Also, Venus/Lilith in your income sector is fiercely lucrative and Mercury in your sign helps to finesse the details, with an intelligent eye to manifesting the creative force of the Destiny Point in your self-expression sector. So yeah you’re not mucking aro...

January 1, 2020


So your happy New Year/New Decade begins with Mars energising your biz sector, in sync with Chiron trying to solve any glitches in your earning paradigm & maximise your whole do something you truly love for a living inspo.

Fab, but also revving up your vocational success is all about looking at the Saturn/Pluto conjunction rocking your social/networking sector right now. This represents a seismic shift in your broader aspirations/true sense of purpose in the world- which luckily you’re mutable enough to embrace with beautiful adaptability. And also a necessary reality check about the tribe/social scene/like minded folks or organisations you want to be associated with, to support your newly authentic, optimum self-expression…

Yes some friends, professional/social cliques (or ev...

December 2, 2019


Exuberant Jupiter in your social sector from Dec 3rd is a call to get out & about amongst it, mingle & expand your reach in the world. It’s less comfy down time on the couch & more connecting with your wider human family. Because the coming year is a more sparkling Pisces social life –and no better time to practise have some good old life-affirming fun with your tribe than December party/festive season huh?

Also you may be coming into a bit of a woke, open minded awareness of the broader social/political/community issues going on around you-and increasingly looking to become a bit more involved & active in the world, to do your bit for the accelerated collective evolution we’re going through in these crazy times? And happily, Jupiter calls in the right crew/like minde...

October 31, 2019


So with lucky Jupiter nearly finishing a year in your biz sector you’re aware of how far you’ve come, chasing your most expansive career aspirations & maximum freedom to work on your own terms when, where & how you want. Excellent & Venus in your biz sector from the 3rd sets you up nicely, for a fully confident professional month to that end:

You’ve got the sheer talent to shine at whatever you do- I mean fuq faking it till you make it you’re OWNING your innate brilliance right now, and fully onto whatever shameless self-promotion is going to broadcast it to the world. Including you get that looking good, glamming up your work wardrobe/polishing your brand, finessing the charm for better biz relationships etc is important –it’s time to advantageously work your gorgeou...

October 1, 2019


So to the extent Mars has been bringing love & partnership dynamics to the fore recently, and you’re pretty clear about where certain attractions/key relationships stand? Mars joining Venus in your sexy 8th house from the 5th is a chance to take it a little deeper, explore the nitty gritty of emotional/physical intimacy & see just how real the passion is, one way or the other? I mean ok it could be a tad volatile, but kind of exciting, hot-blooded mating season if you’re into that kind of thing...

And romance or not, family/biz/financial entanglements also fire up with a healthy, assertive attitude to any temperamental issues-to hopefully keep it real & positive, win-win outcomes sans unnecessary conflict huh?

Especially because the Full Moon of the 14th brings all this in...

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