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Venus conjunct your ruler Neptune, in your sign, April 4th is a lovely way to begin the month. To fill your cup with divine creative inspiration, gorgeous charisma and romantic allure. So nice tune into your natural magic, with the high frequency bliss that turns you on. 

So is this month is going to be a sweet ride, cruising around being a mystical wild child or what?

Well wait a minute before you get too loose, we also need to talk about Mars conjunct Saturn in Pisces, exact by April 11th:

Saturn in your sign since last April, has been a healthy reality check about your capacity for disciplined personal growth. To the extent you’ve come to terms with pragmatic Pisces plans, aligned with the your personal integrity, of values that matter to you-and make sense in the real world? 

And Mars in your sign since March 24th has activated your clear intentions-with a rush of dynamic energy and ambitious determination to succeed. I mean apart from anything else, Mars totally rocks your spunky charisma, lust for life and sexy desirability all April, which feels pretty good, right?

So Mars conjunct Saturn mid month, is peak time to ground all of this affirmative life force with proper realism. 

Feels like you could be so turned on, by doing the work to manifest whatever you’re on about, wth real integrity. 

Mars blows away any Saturn inertia -if tempted to hold back because of self -doubt etc? And Saturn restrains any Mars impulse to charge forward-if tempted to force some sketchy, ego based scenario? 

Is actually such a potentially fabulous combination. To get serious about manifesting your dreams-like the magical realism you’re famous for, to create the life you desire. No one else knows how the fuq you do it, but in this case only you know how much elbow grease and disciplined willpower going on in the background, right? 

Which brings me to the real point of this conjunction, character building self-responsibility to dream wisely, and walk your talk in the world with real integrity. Nice one! 

So meanwhile, the Total Solar Eclipse of April 9th is a big deal, in your 2nd house of personal values, security & prosperity. 

Such a powerful New Moon, conjunct healer Chiron, Destiny Point and Mercury retrograde, as Venus also in your 2nd house: 

You get to align your sublime creative genius, with meaningful goals that make your spirit sing. Your higher sense of purpose turns you on, in a way you are prepared to pursue, long term. Feels so empowering to be the master/mistress of your own Destiny! 

Also Chiron is the emotional intelligence to figure out your real priorities. Yes material success matters, but even more important your innate understanding that real security is about cultivating a sense of sustainable, holistic wellbeing, know what I mean? 

So even if Mercury retro brings delays/glitches in your financial plans, you don’t stress out. Maybe a chance to slow down and focus on healthy self care, taking the time to finesse the details of whatever schemes & dreams  are going to serve you, long term. 

Also this Moon, with Venus involved, quintile Bitch Lilith in your love sector. You value the security of empathetic, mutually supportive loving connection. And the mutual respect, to give one another as much emotional oxygen as possible, to be fully real with one another. Thus does healthy partnership & commitment work this month. 

Then Jupiter conjunct Uranus, exact by April 18th in your 3rd house of ideas & communication:

Radical honesty with yourself, about what you believe in. For a positive attitude that actually feels authentic. You’re not scared to change yourself about certain principles or whatever-if it feels like brilliant personal growth. As in you’re certainly not in compromise mode right now, more attuning to your evolving truth, with liberating light bulb moments that turn you on, spiritually & intellectually. What a buzz! 

And radical honesty, with the important conversations in your life right now. Maybe people who get your attitude, and totally appreciate what you’re on about? Maybe stimulating debates, with people you didn’t think you agreed with-but suddenly realise you could a lot from one another? 

This is such a truly genius opportunity, to open your mind to incandescent new perspectives. 

Especially by the Full Moon of April 24th, in your expansive 9th house of idealistic dreams. The confidence to think in big picture terms, about long term plans that could open your world to next level opportunities to live large, like you mean it. This feels so good! 

Image: Alex Sher


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