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Of course you are the sign most excited about the big news this month; from Dec 6th Pisces ruler Neptune, in Pisces begins moving direct… Hallelujah!

I mean Neptune is such a tangential, multi dimensional planet-more about the magic in each moment, than necessarily forward/backwards momentum, or bourgeois notions of ‘progress’. Much like your cosmic, wild child self huh?

So as much as I was going to talk about the frustration of Neptune retrograde, since early July. Including Saturn lurking on the cusp of Pisces, with all sorts of disciplinarian reality checks:

Maybe certain creative/biz plans were temporarily thwarted, in order to finesse the tedious details? Maybe expressing yourself felt temporarily awkward, as you struggled to figure out what you really feel? Maybe a moment of existential angst, questioning the beautiful dreams that float your mystical boat-to check if they can manifest in the real world?

Upon reflection, it occurs to me that you might have been totally fine with all of this. As such as subtle, intuitive creature you get the meaning behind different stages of growth in your life. You are kind of uniquely placed, to navigate so-called stasis more as a mystical space, outside time to cultivate your spiritual, creative & shamanic experience.

Maybe zen enough to handle any white noise, from external expectations with equanimity…

Or not? Because also you’re only human lol. And with such high frequency ideals can be so fuqing bored with tricky, basic necessity cramping your dreamy style. And ok, maybe indulging any louche, slippery tendencies to hit the bottle or whatever escapism…do admit you can be a bit of lush -when life sends you lemons you make a mean margarita, lol. So if bitching about recent frustrations-fair enough!

Ideally you work Saturn direct in Pisces last month, grounding your practical, material intelligence. Perfect to be ready for this re-awakening of your divine potential, in ways you can manifest in real terms. I mean at some point in cultivating exquisite, soul path calling, you are ready to grow & evolve with it…

And now could be the time. Neptune direct this month is beautifully timely, positive and turns you on immensely!

Cue the New Moon of Dec 13th, in your brilliant career sector-square Neptune. Fresh enthusiasm to believe in your dreams, is more easily embraced in terms of vocational calling.

With Mars/Ceres involved, healthy ambition and determined elbow grease works a treat, to cultivate whatever sense of professional accomplishment matters to you.

Also Venus in your expansive 9th house, opposite Jupiter in your clever 3rd house for this Moon. The significance of clear, creative, intentional thinking is paramount. Including expressing yourself clearly. I mean positive affirmation and shameless self promotion is quite the cliché, but I tell you what it could work for you right now!

Especially by the Full Moon of Dec 27th, in your 5th house of confident self expression:

Trine Saturn in Pisces. The rewards of personal discipline, behaving with total integrity-is that you get to charge around, with such authentic license to be your true self.

Having a good time could be creative play, showing off your unique talent in the world. Could be having fun with your crew, just to enjoy the moment together? And sextile Lilith in your love sector, could be playful, sweet romance with someone special, just as spunky as you-who turns you on as an exciting, equal partner in crime?

Image: Katherine Chavez

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