July 1, 2020


Mars bang on the magical 1st degree, cardinal point of Aries on July 1st is a pretty sexy way begin the month, but that’s only the beginning; as Mars prepares to fire up your sign for an epic 6 months of energising your most unstoppable, can-do enthusiasm! You are burning with a fierce, passionate, positively confident lust for life -and champing at the bit to embrace your full, brilliant potential in the world.

So yes, your ruling planet onside for the rest of the year has got to be wildly auspicious & you can’t wait to grab life by the horns huh?

Excellent. But meanwhile we also have to talk about Mars tangling with the healer Chiron throughout July, where your greatest power actually springs from empowered vulnerability. As in exploring any wounds or self doubt that have been...

May 30, 2020


So your bolshie ruler Mars entangled with magical, nebulous Neptune in your spooky soul sector is the background astro for June, so we best deal with that first up:

Mars represents the fiery, determined life force of yours that powers your fierce, determined momentum in the world & wants to get things done pronto, just because you don’t have time to fuq around with subtleties, and (do admit) you love a bit of instant gratification! But Neptune doesn’t give a fuq about your external priorities/achievement goals whatevs & much prefers you focus your personal power on the inner spiritual/shamanic/creative discipline, to tap into whatever mystical, divine inspo fills your cup & nurtures your personal bliss.

And because Neptune has you ensnared in his home turf-your 12th hous...

May 2, 2020


Well the good news is that with Saturn out of your biz sector, you can reflect on the hard slog/tedious delays & obstacles of the last few years, feel damn proud how well you have done coming up with the gritty discipline & determination to get ahead anyway and look forward to an easier ride for a while.

Especially as the big astro this month is the spectacularly positive, potentially so lucrative Jupiter/Pluto revving up your biz sector till November. I mean some professional structures have fallen apart with Saturn/Pluto recently, which is of course part of the collective scenario and you have had to adapt accordingly. But now Jupiter reveals the regenerative stage, where you are adaptable enough to breathe new life into the career plan with full permission to work it lik...

April 3, 2020


April kicks off with your ruling planet Mars on Saturn April 1st just as the most spectacularly lucrative Jupiter/Pluto action perfects in your biz sector –and it’s game on to hold your own & thrive in the world…

I mean Pluto/Jupiter is just so goddamn positive & motivating; for next level success if you’re willing to transform beyond the comfort zone professionally, and Mars/Saturn is the discipline required to bring this powerful, positive ambition to actual fruition. Yes it’s all about hard work, but also the smarts to finesse the social networking scene to maximum advantage.

Especially if any power trips/tough competition/control freaky fuqwits thwarting your brilliance, and the sheer frustration of this has you tempted to react with Aries aggro/tryna muscle in & force the i...

February 29, 2020


So March begins with Chiron/Lilith meeting in your sign –which is only more poignant by the New Moon of the 24th & you come to terms with your healthy relationship with self…

Chiron reveals those nagging wounds around self worth (we’ve all got them) –like when you wake up at 3am berating yourself over every mistake you’ve ever made or tripping yourself up with self sabotage behaviour just when you’re about to succeed at something, because you inexplicably don’t believe you really deserve it? And this requires a deeply compassionate attitude toward your own foibles for genuine self-acceptance, warts & all.

Because also Lilith is the bitchingly brilliant confidence to deal with your own shadow because you’re allowed to be human & flawed-and sometimes the cracks are where the light...

February 2, 2020


So the Full Moon of the 9th is a gorgeous affirmation of your innate, unique talent & how to express it in the world. Especially with your ruler Mars energising your most visionary sense of your full potential in the world –you adore the sheer, positive exuberance of this!

Also this Moon has Venus in your sign conjunct bitchingly confident Lilith, for even more spunky self assurance  -you’re shining bright & don’t give a fuq who knows it, even more than usual.

But also with the healer Chiron involved, it takes a bit of emotional work to rock this kind of radically authentic self-assurance. Because ok, Chiron could be triggering any primal fears & doubts about your self-worth/self image-where the temptation could be to go lick your wounds & hide in the proverbial corner, but luck...

January 1, 2020


So your happy New Year/New Decade begins with a rocking Pluto/Saturn breakthrough AND lucky Jupiter in your sector of worldly success, and Mars revving up your adventure sector there’s pretty much no holding you back this year, baby… So how do you unlock your sense of vocational purpose right now?

Power trips! You don’t take orders well at the best of times & not one to back down if you’re being pushed around-and certain authority figures in your professional life are more likely to be trying it on, which could be interesting. Same goes if you’re trying to flex your muscles with any underlings-they’re gonna fight back! So it’s tempting to do nuclear meltdown if provoked & feed the conflict (um maybe not), or burn down some unsuitable gig and charge off without a second glance-o...

December 2, 2019


So as the most bolshie, overtly confident sign of all and the natural swagger that tends to propel you through life; you’re not much given to dwell on your sensitive emotional issues let alone reveal your vulnerable side to the world huh? Yeah but you’re still a sensitive soul under that brilliant bravado. And with Chiron hovering around the first degree of Aries right now you’re more in touch with any wounds you’re carrying around about your self worth, and more ready than ever to heal thyself with some good old, honest self-acceptance warts & all.

 It’s kind of accepting your flaws (we’ve all got them) sans judgement, and also realising how brilliant you are anyway & powering on; ready to realise your full potential as a fully complex human still working your shizz out:

So if...

October 31, 2019


So Saturn/Pluto are hell bent on full scale transformation of the Aries career paradigm right now, and you might as well get with the programme because this game changing astro is gathering momentum ready or not!

It’s like on minute you’ve been considering tweaking your professional plan a little/maybe considering a possible new gig & the next minute you’re in full demolition mode with the ruins of all your old ambitions crumbling away. I mean you’re not ditching the innate talent you’ve been cultivating all this time; just dragging it kicking & screaming into a whole new stage of your life -and ready to rebuild a way more powerful, sexy, uncompromising version of doing your thing in the world…

 If I may torture the metaphor here, maybe consider your vocational plan not so m...

October 1, 2019


So with Venus in your love sector recently you’ve been feeling kinda frisky & romantic-or at least attracting a bit more attention from your partner, potential lovers etc to pique your interest hmmm?

Because your sexy ruler Mars joining Venus from the 4th ups the ante on Aries mating season- you suddenly get that relationships/certain special people in your life really do matter! I would be paying attention to whoever is on the scene/coming at you with any kind of clear, direct or passionate intentions this month; they could be ready to rock your world one way or the other.  

Also, Mars opposite Chiron in Aries kind of flushes out any tensions brewing re interpersonal dynamics (love/platonic/biz whatever), which would normally have you spoiling for a fight to be honest. Um trigg...

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