July 1, 2020


So with Venus in your home turf-the 8th house of sex, intimacy & money for ages this year, you’re more inspired than ever about your libidinous, thriving lust for life. But also Venus retro recently may have cramped your style or delayed gratification with certain, tricky love & biz entanglements dammit?

So you’re thrilled she’s finally direct till early August, to get moving with whatever turns you on:

Could be exploring deeper, passionate connection like you mean it-you are quite the seductive, enchanting, caring lover right now, even more than usual & that’s saying something! And more likely to be involved with someone special who can fully reciprocate-yes magnetic attraction is a thing this month.

Especially Venus/Mars being pulled together by sparky Uranus, in your l...

May 30, 2020


So with Saturn out of your ideas sector you’re thinking more clearly, sans the existential dread/pressing worries you’ve been trying to process for the last few years. Yay, because Jupiter/Pluto are revealing such positive new affirmations to power forward with fab, transformative intentions you’re ready to manifest for the rest of the year…

The better to clearly focus on the Full Moon Eclipse of the 6th -in your favourite sectors of sex and money! Ok that sounds a bit shallow lol, so I’ll elaborate:

The Eclipse in your income sector harnesses the creative brilliance of Mars/Neptune in your talent sector; just because it feels so good to excel at whatever you’re naturally good at with next level inspo, & whilst your at it why not work your excellent financial instincts to ma...

May 2, 2020


So if you’ve been feeling a bit down in the dumps about the state of the world in recent months, it may have been exacerbated by Saturn/Pluto mainlining an acute awareness of the destructive part of the change cycle we’re going through-straight from collective consciousness into your inbox/daily conversations & thought process. I mean how the fuq are we gonna get through this one, and how can you project your plans into the world under these conditions, I hear you lament??

I mention this because the big news right now is Jupiter/Pluto playing out till Nov, to reveal a deeper, regenerative new potential rising up from underneath our current chaos. And you are the sign most likely to grasp the truly positive, expansive new solutions presenting themselves & embrace a better fu...

April 3, 2020


So Saturn putting the heavy moves on your ruler Pluto, in your ideas sector lately has had you thinking hard nosed & pragmatic about life decisions. Which ok has been tough, but then again you’re good at fierce realism- & gosh recent events have you glad to be braced, survivalist & ready for worst-case outcomes yeah?

But Saturnine, cynical pessimism only goes so far. Especially with lucky Jupiter/Pluto nudging Saturn out of the way from April 1st, and you get that a bigger, expansive, positive outlook is calling your name on the other side of whatever existential crisis is going on right now. You’re fully awake to think big, outside the square & embrace the most hopeful, idealistic possibilities that you can come up with. I know it’s a cliché that positive thinking...

February 29, 2020


The Full Moon of the 10th stimulates your social life and bonding with your tribe –and its lovely feeling connected in the world. Could be quality time with close friends or could be party time on the scene-and btw with Neptune involved this could involve quite a bit of booze or you know, stimulants so you might want to watch that; because the point here is human connection & not so much intoxication for the sake of it, know what I mean? 

Also because this Moon is great for bringing your talent & creative inspo to full, confident expression -and you ideally stay clear about how to network with a bit of shameless self-promotion, to shine in the world & maybe some cool professional/social collaborations-especially with Venus/Uranus creative buzz in your partnership sector. Ye...

February 2, 2020


The Full Moon of the 9th fires up your professional synapses, which is a pretty cool way to start the month with great instincts about your next manoeuvre to advance the Scorpio career. Because you’re fully ambitious but also aware of finessing the work/life balance so that you get to work towards rewarding job satisfaction AND a fulfilling personal life, as opposed to flogging yourself with the daily grind just for the sake of it –know what I mean?

Especially with Venus/Lilith/Chiron in your work sector & Mars in your earning sector early Feb. You are taking no crap from anyone nor indulging your own self-defeating daily habits – the better to focus your precious energy on your brilliant talent/creative expression on the job & healthy/wealthy & wise lifestyle choices. Espe...

January 1, 2020


So your Happy New Year/New Decade begins with Pluto/Saturn stripping back the ideas you have about your current life plans, to reveal the bare bones of the belief systems that have been driving you thus far, and where they might need to be fundamentally tweaked in order to move into 2020 with full, authentic clarity of purpose:

And luckily, you’ve never been one to back down from confronting your own shizz, doing the shadow work to face your demons & rise up singing with renewed self awareness & taking responsibility for clear intentions, to be the master of your own destiny like the phoenix that you are right? Right??

Because ok, Saturn in your ideas sector is tempting to knuckle down on defunct old mental programmes/expectations/life strategies just because you can be...

December 2, 2019


So you’re loving Mars in Scorpio this month, for the fierce, libidinous lust for life you do so well. You’ve got that sexy, charismatic swagger going on and feeling pretty unstoppable –so you’re hungry to get your teeth into something worth getting passionate about right? Hmmm but what could it be…

Well I’m thinking the Full Moon of the 12th reveals all sorts of deep, complex interpersonal dynamics to turn you on. I mean with the power trippy, volcanic Saturn/Pluto astro in your communication sector & sparky Uranus shaking up your relationship sector; it’s a tricky, volatile mating season that would do most other signs heads in. But with confident Jupiter turning up from Dec 3rd you’re like ‘bitch I’ve got this-I’m a fuqing Scorpio & I know what I want, how to own my own de...

October 31, 2019


So November begins with Mercury retrograde in Scorpio, and you’re immediately alert to the quality of your thoughts & how you express them this month.

Because the potential to headfuq yourself with unnecessary self-doubt & the crappy communication that springs from that is a thing… so you get that it’s better to avoid the drama and keep it sweet instead. It’s ok to question everything/transform the Scorpio paradigm as long as you keep the new insights positive, and mind your language in the world to keep the flow of ideas constructive…

Especially with Saturn/Pluto saying the impact of your beliefs & the words you’re putting out there have GRAVITAS right now. It’s all about the power of magical manifestation –the force is strong with you, if you can work the discipline to kee...

October 1, 2019


So Mars in your soul sector from the 5th has you low-key hiding out & gathering your energy till mid Nov; with that dark horse, cunning preparation for future success you do so well sans giving the game away with too much external bluster in the world.

Yes, but Venus in Scorpio from the 9th is such shiny charisma, talent & sexy good looks on your part, that you just know you’ve gotta be out there shaking your thing & showing off your undeniable gorgeousness whilst you’ve got it going on huh? It’s a clever combination of sparkly, extrovert confidence for a good time, whilst simultaneously drilling down on your core intentions with sustained, introvert discipline when no one’s looking that works a treat this month.  Even if everyone finds your come-hither/go away mixed messag...

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