July 1, 2020


So how good is Venus direct in your cash/income sector right now! As in Venus retro since mid May has been a bit frustrating/stalled your earning potential, even if just the general economic fuqery of lockdown etc going on around us has been cramping your style. So Venus direct this month feels so right to get those brilliant financial instincts of yours back on, and get on with thriving beautifully for the rest of the year. Yes, you are nicely on track to finance the life you want to live on your own terms…

But then again with change-lord Uranus in your sign, pulling Venus into the existential questions about your purpose that is Mars/Chiron in your soul sector –the real issue is just how fluxy & unpredictable your personal goals are right now! It feels like your life plan i...

May 30, 2020


So just as you’ve gotten the hang of Uranus in your sign & having fun with permission to cut loose, get in touch with your inner rebel & liberate yourself from the status quo…Saturn turns up in your biz sector to force a disciplined work ethic & having to tow the line professionally. Aargh, what new fuqery is this??

As in you might feel torn between your most restless urges coming up OR the promise of material success if you knuckle down on that steady, reliable work ethic you’ve always been so famous for-and see this as some kind of dramatic dilemma between your ‘straight’ life or embracing the great unknown of living more freely? But these apparently opposing imperatives are not mutually exclusive, of course…

This is a brilliant opportunity to embrace a radical, insp...

May 2, 2020


So Saturn in your biz sector has you trying to find a sure, stable footing in the professional world –which is normally your core competency, especially with Mars energising your ambition for first half of the month. But of course we’re not living in normal times, so luckily you have Uranus in your sign to help you drop fixed, Saturnine expectations of your life plan (especially with Saturn retro form mid month) & remain wildly adaptable as required. Who would have thought that, in unpredictable times, good old stubborn, security oriented Taurus would be our poster child for embracing swift, clever, flexible new solutions with such enthusiasm to inspire the rest of huh?

Meanwhile the Full Moon of the 7th in your relationship sector is a nice distraction from the world, to foc...

April 3, 2020


So Uranus in your sign has you vibing more libertarian & anti establishment than ever, you’re happily smashing your own dominant paradigm & embracing your most maverick, free-living instincts. Especially with Jupiter/Pluto perfecting in your vision/adventure sector April 1st, you get just how transformative & empowering it is to chase your wildest dreams right now, as opposed to settling into the proverbial comfort zone –which let’s face it is becoming kind of redundant anyway.

So what to do about Mars firing up Saturn, the most conservative/stability loving planet fresh in your biz sector in early April? Uranus says fuq the system but Saturn/Mars says confident, savvy engagement with the straight world/bureaucratic necessity/ authority figures etc in your career is a...

February 29, 2020


So Uranus in your sign has been awakening your latent brilliance for a while now. To the extent your optimum potential is outside whatever comfort zone you’ve been residing in, but you’re increasingly, thrillingly aware that you’re capable of so much more than you previously thought possible? And your ruler Venus meeting Uranus around the 9th is a lightning rod for whatever innate talent, creative vision & gorgeous personal charisma most inspires you to thrive...

So perfect it aligns with the Full Moon of the 10th in your talent sector; with magical Neptune daring you to play with your creativity & manifesting whatever turns you on just by the sheer power of focused self-belief and keeping it positive, life affirming & fun!

Especially with Pluto/Saturn/Jupiter/Mars in your...

February 2, 2020


So for most signs the recent, dynamite Pluto/Saturn conjunction has blown up foundational/material structures in their lives for a very literal, material upheaval. But for you it’s more abstract-but nonetheless real. Especially with expansive Jupiter involved, your world is rocked by a liberating, adventurous new sense of what you want to do in the world in the broadest possible sense.

And with Mars energising the whole thing from the 16th you’re so fired up to get out of your comfort zone to flex your muscles in new & exotic locales, hang out with wildly stimulating people to broaden your mind, chase your brightest dreams and generally explore new horizons to turn you on.

And of course with Uranus newly in your sign, you’ve got a hair trigger response rate to fresh stimuli &...

January 1, 2020


I mean as if it wasn’t enough having Uranus sparking radical personal growth impulses through your being for the next several years, your happy New Year/New Decade begins with Pluto/Saturn churning up your most restless desire for transformative adventure in your life –yep its on baby!

You are officially looking at an awesome, game changing new chapter of your life, that breaks all the previous rules you thought you had comfortably set for yourself. But it’s not just random change for the sake of it-as if, with your fiercely practical nature. It’s an intelligent, empowered, weirdly strategic take on revolutionising the Taurus agenda.

You know how to focus an eagle eye on your biggest, wildest schemes & dreams by backing them up with that superbly pragmatic, earth magic, manife...

December 2, 2019


So Uranus in Taurus is your signature astro now & increasingly your new normal for the next several years –and it’s a sparky, maverick, accelerated growth outside your comfort zone phase you’re getting used to:

Also because Pluto/Saturn & Jupiter in your expansive 9th house reveal your primal urgency to chase some deeply transformative adventure right now AND acutely aware of the challenging logistics involved in exploring new horizons -how the fuq are you going to pull it off??

 If I may take some poetic license, it’s like the buzz of driving a sexy sports car down an open freeway toward some thrilling destination with the wind in your hair. Except there’s a roadblock that veers you off course, the GPS is broken & you’ve lost the map and also the car is on fire and some cop i...

October 31, 2019


So how you going with the unstoppable force meets the immovable object situation going on right now? The unstoppable force for change being Uranus in Taurus blowing a gale of crazy, unexpected new circumstances through your life & suggesting you adapt asap …and the immovable object, of course, being you!

I think we’ve established that the famous Taurean obstinacy & mulish devotion to the status quo is a bit of a cliché but still; you may be having a go at just how intractable you can be when you’re being forced out of your comfort zone, and you choose to dig your heels in & try to resist? And Uranus is like good luck with that bitch - you’ve got several years ahead of rapid growth & you’ll be loving the thrill of the unexpected before you know it; and how your brilliant m...

October 1, 2019


So Mars in your day job sector this month gives you something tangible to focus all that tetchy, restless Uranus energy in your sign-pick up tools and do some work! Yes I reckon you’ll feel clearer & fully energised, the more you pick up your professional game with your best, most determined work ethic.

Because the effort to get up of a morning & go chase your goals with raw, ferocious determination is 1. Quite enjoyably stimulating, actually and 2. Ok some of your schemes & dreams could be kind of weird & wonderful risky right now (thank you Uranus), but still a damn sight better than boring yourself to tears holding onto the status quo (no offence) because of the Taurus comfort zone/complacency hmmm?

And I tell you what, there’s no time like now to enlist this Mars e...

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