July 1, 2020


So your ruler Venus in your adventure sector for ages this year is direct this month, so you’re most inspired thinking large, visionary thoughts & easily seduced by the siren song of the great unknown. Travel plans/stimulating study/getting to know people from different places/learning new things about the world turns you on, for the thrill of expanding your horizons. In any case, certainly not dreary chores around the house or the daily routine!

True. But also Saturn backing into your domestic sector does insist you sort out any real-estate scenarios/home improvements etc you’ve been neglecting lately, clean up the familial/co-hab dynamic & generally get your house in order. Because Jupiter/Pluto are stirring up every unresolved issue here, with a restless, hungry imperative t...

May 30, 2020


It’s Eclipse season, which is always transformative; and particularly for you with the Full Moon Eclipse of the 6th in your ideas/comms sector. You fully get that the quality of your thoughts really does create your reality. As in the power of projecting fresh, visionary, positive new affirmations into your life plan takes the same amount of energy as clinging onto obstinate, stale old patterns & limiting belief systems that lets face it, have been holding you back for a while now. I mean Venus in your vision sector till August brings such brilliant, magical manifestation opportunities if you’re prepared to recognise that you are the captain of your destiny this year right??

And same goes for the same old, repetitive conversations with certain people, where hanging onto stuck/o...

May 2, 2020


There’s a whole lot of action going on in your home sector this month, which you might as well embrace -if quarantine is still on where you live you might be spending a lot of time there, lol.

So what’s happening is after the last few years enforcing a disciplined, realistic approach to family, co-hab & real estate dynamics; Saturn is now out of your hair. Finally, a chance to reflect on how well you’ve done keeping it real, and settle into whatever domestic stability you have recently scored for yourself? Yeah but now you have Jupiter/Pluto replacing Saturn in your home sector to dig deeper, reveal & hopefully overcome any personal/familial demons or domestic frustrations with fully positive catharsis & new hope for the future. Honestly, this is such spectacular, regenerative...

April 3, 2020


With Saturn/Pluto drilling down on your personal sector lately, you’ve been digging deeper into any skeletons in the family closet, revealing power trips/discontent/explosive issues at home/rocky real estate scenarios; but also a keen, survivalist eye to nailing whatever domestic security is going to anchor you in these changing times.

So it’s pretty great to have fear-mongering Saturn out if the way from late March, replaced by lucky Jupiter on Pluto from April 1st. You get that sudden upheaval in your personal life could be a positive thing, and ready to embrace regenerative, dynamic new possibilities re where/how you live and the loved ones you live with.

Which brings us to the Libra Full Moon of the 8th, in sync with Jupiter/Pluto & Lilith/Chiron meeting in your relationship...

February 29, 2020


Uranus in your primal 8th house recently has awakened your most raw, libidinous life force with an electrifying new lust for life, and Venus taps into this around the 9th to connect with your sexy manifesting power. You want what you want in love, sex, deeper connection with loved ones, wealth & generally satisfying whatever desires turn you on & fuel your vitality –and you know how to make it happen!

Especially if you can keep in mind the golden rule of magical manifesting –holding clear, specific intentions with a truly open mind about how/when the universe delivers and a creative, adaptable attitude to outcomes. It’s a trick worth finessing right now…

Because with the Full Moon of the 10th in your soul sector it’s not so much obvious, immediate progress in the world, as c...

February 2, 2020


So to the extent Pluto/Saturn have been hardcore drilling down on your domestic & family priorities lately, it’s been pretty consuming just getting the home base right & how to ground yourself in your foundational personal life right?

So it’s kind of nice having a Full Moon in your social sector on the 9th, for the emotional oxygen to reach out to your broader tribe, suss out the scene/networking opportunities & work that sparkly social butterfly thing you do so well. Especially with Mars energising your busy mind you’ve got tons of brilliant ideas simmering away & lots to say, and adore any chance to get out amongst it for stimulating intellectual repartee in the world –or ok just showing off for the sake of it. Excellent, it’s about time to have some fun!

And whilst you...

January 1, 2020


So your Happy New Year/New Decade begins with Pluto/Saturn stripping back the dynamics going on in your home/personal life; to reveal the primal, fundamental undercurrents bubbling under the surface –it’s getting real!

Because there are 3 main imperatives converging here: Saturn wants security and certainty around property/family/domestic issues-you want to know where you stand and a solid foundation from which to build your life. But Pluto is fuqing over any compromise re this, volatile as hell & frankly ready to tear it all down & start from scratch. Which is only exacerbated by Jupiter wanderlust- you’re craving the personal freedom to explore new pastures & a more positive way of living on your own, autonomous terms.

So maybe you’re flushing out tricky family/co-hab/...

December 2, 2019


So how about Pluto &Saturn digging up your deepest, tricky family dynamics & domestic dramas– I mean if there are any skeletons in the proverbial closet they’re about to be revealed big time! And all the cathartic emotional release that comes with clearing the air with certain loved ones/co-habs, the better to move forward on more authentic terms…this is good…

So whether you’re dealing with full-scale emotional triggers/childhood issues/power trips in your personal/family life-in which case well done you; the courage to face this stuff, hold your own with integrity & move forward with a healthy internal locus of power is strong right now. Or just finessing the dynamics of certain significant domestic relationships, again you’re doing it with fierce emotional intelligence an...

October 31, 2019


So Mars in your sign has you strutting around the world feeling pretty fabulous & seizing life’s opportunities with ferocious confidence. Which has recently synced with the Destiny Point in your career sector, so you start Nov already onto the vocational plan and happily working the hell out of it so the biz scenario is kind of on track huh?

Then Mars triggers the Saturn/Pluto action in your home sector around the 5th, and you’re suddenly acutely aware of just how much the domestic/family scenario could do with a shake up to support your forward momentum in the world:  

I mean Saturn is all about security issues & maintaining the status quo -because a safe, solid foundation feels more imperative than ever. Yeah but Pluto is hell bent on digging up any skeletons in the family clo...

October 1, 2019


October begins with Mars completing the last few months in your soul sector, where you’ve been reigning it in & doing the necessary work to replenish your Qi/life force from within with whatever healing/restorative practice has been calling your name. Maybe not so much instant gratification lately, but nicely preparing for the next chapter…

Great, the better to embrace Mars into Libra from the 5th and coming out of your shell with a blast of renewed vim, vigour, lust for life & dynamic raw energy to seize life like you mean it. Yes, especially with Venus in Libra early month, if you feel all shiny & like a million dollars here good on you –you’ve earned it babe!

And speaking of cash, Venus joining clever Mercury in your income sector from the 9th is great for figuring out yo...

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