July 1, 2020


So Saturn backing into your work sector from July 1st till Jan is a chance to review any professional, daily routine, health decisions you’ve made in the last few years; and take the time to finesse the details with a bit of healthy, sustainable discipline for the rest of the year.

Because with Pluto/Jupiter involved, you get how powerfully positive & transformative your lifestyle choices are right now. I mean paying attention to an effective daily schedule, healthy diet/exercise regime AND making time for whatever fun/exciting stuff turns you on, to regenerate your spunky mojo every day is more important than ever. The better to stay productive, whilst you phoenix into next-level confidence to strut around the world doing your gorgeous thing.

Especially the Lunar Eclipse of the 5th...

May 30, 2020


So you’ll be loving Saturn out of your work/lifestyle/health sector, to ease day job pressures & politics and maybe resolve any health problems that have been bugging you lately. Because now with Jupiter/Pluto for the next few months you’ll be feeling a spectacular capacity to regenerate your physical wellbeing, power up your brilliant professional motivation & phoenix into transformative new vitality; the better to seize the day & embrace the next level, meaningful life you want to live.

Especially with the Full Moon Eclipse of the 6th in your natural habitat –the 5th house of talent/creativity & general showing off in the world-omg you love this! Extra-specially with Venus involved it’s all about playful, shiny self-expression, feeling glam, lust for life & being better t...

May 2, 2020


So Venus usually only spends about a month in each sector of your chart each year, but this time she’s lingering in your social sector from April till August! Which would normally be calling a siren song for you to get out & about/amongst it with your swagger on, mingle & shine your light in the world like you love to do.

Yes, but of course these strange times of social distancing & lockdown etc may be cramping your style a bit, dammit. Well I guess you’ll be getting creative about however you can stay tuned into the social zeitgeist/network online or from a distance or whatever works to stay connected with your tribe… The caged lion can only stay isolated for so long right?

And with Uranus in your career sector you’re so onto rapid response, quick-sticks flexibility to re-work...

April 3, 2020


Oh my goodness how fab to have Saturn out of your work/health sector from April 1st. After the last few years of stressing about the day job, control freaky professional power trips, work/life balance & trying to keep your basic wellbeing together under duress; which has been magnified with the pressure cooker Pluto/Saturn conjunct lately-gosh it’s been a bit exhausting!

So you’re loving Jupiter on Pluto from the 1st just as Saturn moves on, for a spectacular, fresh rush of physical vitality & inspired, empowering moves to expand day-job opportunities. The better to score the dynamic, rewarding work life balance that’s going to see you through challenging, changing times.

Amazing. You are a positive, adaptable, transformative survivor right now, and s such help those around you to r...

February 29, 2020


OMG we really have to talk about the Leo career & worldly success this month, it’s all happening as follows:

Mercury retro from the 4th has certain biz/financial scenarios stalling. And especially by the Full Moon of the 10th Neptune can be beautifully inspired collaborative ventures and/or headfuq entanglements where no-one knows what the hell they’re doing -which is why you take the time to finesse the details & negotiations until Mercury gets back on track from the 16th –maybe hold off on any binding/contractual agreements until after mid March?

Uranus has been shaking up your biz sector for a while, with radical new ideas about how to do what you do in the world. You’ve presumably been feeling the burn, in terms of shedding old presumptions of professional security that frankly...

February 2, 2020


So the Leo Full Moon of the 9th is perfect to strut into Feb with your spunky confidence beautifully on point -even more than usual you are shining with the spectacular assurance that comes with fearlessly being your true self in the world. You love this of course –it’s so your natural state!

Including the emotional generosity of being vulnerable, warm & truly authentic with your loved ones that you do so well.  Especially with nurturing Ceres in your relationship sector, it’s pretty yummy energy to feel fully connected with the people that matter. Mutual caring & sharing is your sweet spot in early Feb -and yes Mars heating up any romantic passion says this could be a sexy love life thing, if you’re into it.

Also with Mars in your talent sector you’ve got your swagger on, for f...

January 1, 2020


So your happy New Year/New Decade begins with Pluto/Saturn peaking a hard yakka work ethic in your day-job sector –and it’s game on to get professional stuff done with gritty determination this year!

And ok the tension here is between Saturn maybe wanting to plod along & maintain the work/lifestyle status quo –because god forbid you would rock the boat & threaten whatever security/comfort zone you have worked so hard to establish for yourself? Yeah but lol, good luck with that. Between Uranus electrifying your biz sector with sudden change impulses, Pluto gagging for primal, foundational overhaul of your entire work paradigm & lucky Jupiter full of restless, positive confidence to do something meaningful for a living -it’s professional transformation time ready or not…

You s...

December 2, 2019


So how you going with Uranus shaking up the Leo career plan, with familiar professional paradigms/job security etc dropping away at warp speed- disconcerting much? Yes, and to the extent you’re choosing to embrace this with a flexible eye to the wild & wonderful new prospects just outside your comfort zone, I’m just saying you’re so onto it & quite the success machine right now:

So perfect timing that your work sector is simply busting with potential in December, and so revealing about your true sense of purpose in the world. You have Pluto doing gutsy transformation on the day job to bring it up to speed doing what you do with fierce effectiveness. Or demolishing any gig that no longer serves you-seriously ready or not, the better to tackle something more relevant to who you a...

October 31, 2019


So how you going with the wild ride that is the Leo career right now?  

I mean Uranus turning up recently has already rocked the professional status quo; so good luck coasting along in autopilot  -aint gonna happen! Maybe your current gig is pushing you outside your comfort zone, to fab new levels of achievement you didn’t know you were capable of? Maybe your current gig is feeling unhinged/pushing you out/you’re frankly over it and you’re looking for something new -but it’s gotta be next level exciting/game changing right? Maybe a light bulb moment sparks some brilliant new plan just because your genius is peaking, and it’s so inspired but is it realistic hmmmm?

Also because Saturn/Pluto in your work sector could have you brewing some cunning biz strategy to make good coin-and yes...

October 1, 2019


It’s really worth paying attention to the quality of your thoughts, belief systems & the words you’re putting out there right now. Because with Mars energising the Leo mental process this month, every single idea you focus upon or express is so much more likely to manifest in actual, physical reality in your life at warp speed! Oh my goodness, magical manifestation much?

Yes because it’s so liberating for you right now, to fully get that you are the captain of your own destiny & its down to clarity of intention on your part; the better to walk your talk in the world & make stuff happen on your own terms based on raw, uncompromising personal integrity! You get the implications of this, for personal responsibility to thrive or not based on your very own choices in life right??


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