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July 1, 2020


Venus in your spooky soul sector for ages this year has you tuned into the subtle undercurrents of your love, relationship & creative inspo, with that heightened intuition you do so well. And Mercury retro in your sign till the 13th suggests you sit tight & avoid unnecessarily complicated communication in the world; in favour of looking within & communing with your muse until you’ve figured out where you stand… so you are practising zen-like equanimity for the moment, huh?

Yeah but meanwhile the Lunar Eclipse of the 5th in your love/partnership sector is an unavoidable reality check –with Pluto revealing significant, ongoing dynamics in your key relationships that are ready to be transformed pronto! So ready or not you are dealing with explosive developments, passiona...

May 30, 2020


So I think I mentioned last month that Venus in your hidden soul sector till August has you quite happy with your own company for a while, communing with your inner muse for a deeper source of creative & spiritual inspo to fill your cup. Which could have you dealing well with whatever lockdown etc is still going on wherever you are; to take the opportunity for reflective personal growth & loving relationship with self, meditation or whatever spiritual practice is your thing and maybe finesse the creative process/low-key make some brilliant art behind the scenes? Which you will be ready to go forth & show off your shiny new confidence & creative/self expression when Venus enters your sign from early Aug, so that’s something to look forward to…

Yes, but meanwhile yo...

May 2, 2020


Well with Venus retreating into your secretive, soul sector till August your love, romance, relating, creative, talent & biz mojo is something you are quietly, low-key cultivating in the background; as opposed to forcing the issue by trying to get out there & perform/prove anything by your overt presence in the world.

So you are enjoying your own company & happy to look within/tune into your creative muse/do the inner work for personal growth –which is lovely for a nicer relationship with self & a higher, divine/shamanic inspiration in a spiritual & creative sense. And I guess by default you are also a natural at social isolation or whatever quarantine measures you are dealing with in your part of the world right now–which could be handy?

But then again the Full Mo...

April 3, 2020


So Saturn/Pluto in your partnership sector lately have been a reality check, to clarify the rules of engagement in key relationships in your life –and April picks up this theme of love, personal entanglements & how you handle human connection in your life this month as follows:

Saturn/Mars into your 8th house of sex, emotional intimacy & shared resources from April 1st. Mars is a rush of full throttle desire to address passion/love/conflict/exciting shared ventures/whatever’s going on with your closest peeps head on for the next few months. But also Saturn tends to be quite emotionally self-protective, and wants to temper the fireworks with clear boundaries & more sober, sustainable emotional dynamics that you can follow through for the next few years of Saturn in the 8th....

February 29, 2020


Mercury dithering around the end of your intimacy sector for the first half of March has you finessing any tricky, unresolved dialogues, which have been playing out in your closest interpersonal/family/biz connections lately.

I mean with Pluto/Saturn digging up & revealing the most primal/foundational issues in your key relationships & how to do gutsy transformation for more authentic connection, there’s bound to be some shifting dynamics you need to talk about & sort out…

So the Full Moon of the 10th in your comms sector is perfect, to bring that gorgeous emotional congruence you do so well  & emotionally bond with the people that matter. Especially with Saturn into your intimacy sector from the 22nd it’s important to say what you mean with any brewing commitments rig...

February 2, 2020


With the Destiny Point in your sign right now you’re nicely aligned with your broader dreams and specific sense of purpose in the world –so Feb has you beautifully comfortable in your skin & on point about your most authentic soul expression & what you’re going to do about it.

And the Full Moon of the 9th suggests you focus on the earning potential of whatever turns you on, to better support the values & lifestyle choices you hold dear. Especially in sync with Mars energising your work/day job sector –the clearer your priorities are in daily life the more raw energy & determination you have to pull off the goals that really matter. Including keeping an eye on your health right now –staying strong with a good workout regime or whatever lifts your Qi is important, for optim...

January 1, 2020


So your happy New Year/New Decade begins with Pluto/Saturn peaking a conjunction in your partnership sector, to drive home the emphasis on Cancerian relationships this year.

I mean lucky you are such a tribal creature & truly value your loved ones, because no way are you living in a solo bubble right now; it’s all about the quality of interpersonal connection.  Especially with lucky Jupiter involved by the Lunar Eclipse of the 11th, your beautiful, innate emotional intelligence is key to working with the pressure cooker vibe of certain connections in your life:

On one hand Pluto triggers any unresolved interpersonal shizz & Saturn applies a forensic analysis of the underlying issues involved; so yeah wobbly relationships get a gritty reality check & good luck  -if they’re ever...

December 2, 2019


Oh my goodness hallelujah for lucky Jupiter lifting the tone of your relationship sector from Dec 3rd, for a whole year ahead of loving more freely & unconditionally –what a relief!

Because Saturn/Pluto intensifying their love lessons here this month have you so acutely aware of any deep, abiding, transformative challenges going on with certain key people in your life. Possibly a brand new version of an existing relationship that looks so different from your old dynamic, but you get how much more it serves this new chapter of your life. The nitty gritty work to reality check & evolve the connection accordingly is a thing! Which could be an explosion of fresh passion with your lover if you can dig deep & do raw, real vulnerability for next level commitment. Or if a door is def...

October 31, 2019


So Saturn/Pluto brewing a volatile vibe in your love sector could feel a little ominous; as in you sense you’ve got to dig a little deeper to work though any relationship issues and it could reveal a motherlode of previously unresolved crap/force the issue on stuff you’d rather avoid? And yeah you’re probably right...

But also this could be the most brilliant, sexy, positively life affirming opportunity to renew the commitment on more authentic grounds huh? It’s so timely to get your connections wonderfully clear & anyway it’s coming, ready or not!

Especially with Mars in your home sector square Pluto around the 5th then the Full Moon of the 12th, family dynamics could suddenly blow open in a most emotionally revealing way. But again it’s a good thing, to clear the air & resto...

October 1, 2019


So as the sign most attuned to the importance of home & hearth, you’re fully onto Mars energising your domestic sector from the 4th. I mean Venus has had you dreaming of beautiful décor/real estate & harmonious/dolce vita living lately, and now Mars comes along and says time to make it happen…

Could be a great time to action any property/reno/relocation plans, to effectively get the physical home base right, for somewhere fab to come home to.

But also the Cancerian personal life. Any latent tensions re family/co-hab/relationship dynamics are so much more likely to flare up, and ideally reveal the real issues for honest, healthy conflict resolution one way or the other. It feels so good to get back to relating with full authenticity, huh? Or maybe you’ve been happily brewin...

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