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So coming off the Virgo New Moon of the 17th, we're all inspired to clean up our act with fresh new intentions, and ready to do the work to manifest accordingly yes?

Because Virgo New Moons always such a deliciously clear, renewed emotional perspective -sparkly clear & precise about what we want, & also pragmatic enough to keep our perfectionist ideals real. Especially with positive, lucky Jupiter direct & this Moon square the Destiny Point, aligning us with an insistent, visionary sense of purpose -whatever we came here to do we're ready for it!

And in exact trine with Saturn for extra, gutsy determination to maintain our resolve no matter what. Because with Saturn retro square Mars retro there are also bound to be obstacles & delays going on, I mean check out the bonkers state of the world right? So luckily we have the virtuous restraint to finesse our beautiful intentions with elegant discipline; we maintain our integrity of purpose without actually barging forward prematurely. Whatever beautiful plans/healthy habits we're currently cultivating will reward us for the rest of the year -especially once Saturn direct Oct 1st & Mars direct from mid October pick up the pace...

Let's keep it clean & focused in the meantime, happy Virgo New Moon vibes x


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