July 1, 2020


So let’s start with love goddess Venus, in an extended tour of your love sector from April-August 2020. Which is definitely Sag mating season, & totally auspicious for yummy attraction/falling in love/cultivating a nicer connection with your partner etc, so you’ve been expecting to feel pretty good about romance this year…

Yes, but meanwhile Venus retro mid May-late June has been a bitch right? Stupid misunderstandings, going back over repetitive marital disagreements, bad timing, cancelled dates etc lately been doing your head in much?? And Venus direct this month is going to make it all better?

Yeah, if you can deal with Mercury retrograde in your sex/intimacy sector till mid July opening up a Pandora’s box about this; where you need to have the tricky, vulnerable...

May 30, 2020


So the annual Full Moon in your sign is always an invitation to tune into your true feelings & gut instincts, and with this one being a Lunar Eclipse on June 6th is extra powerful-so you are mainlining primal emotional intelligence from your deepest being. Permission to be brilliantly intuitive, wildly passionate & authentic as fuq!

Also this Moon is lit by Venus in your love sector, so the romantic/relational vibe is incandescent with potential right now as follows:

Venus in an extended tour of your love sector means its basically mating season till August, so even though Venus is retrograde for this Moon its only a little backward step in the tango that is your attraction action this year. Especially in a square with her lover Mars, she has you feeling into any...

May 2, 2020


So you’ve been working with the mixed blessing of Saturn/Pluto in your income sector in recent months-as in earning coin has been a tough assed bitch of a gig, requiring more gritty discipline than ever dammit. But gosh you can reflect on just how lean, mean & resourceful you have become, which sets you ahead of the curve & ready for the shit-storm that is our current economic situation. You are resilient, adaptable & determined to thrive no matter what-you’re nailing it baby…

So how perfect is Saturn out of the way, replaced by Jupiter/Pluto for the next 6 months, this is honestly so brilliantly lucrative & empowering for your financial confidence! You might just be the sign most likely to actually improve your earning potential this year, to inspire the re...

April 3, 2020


Money on the brain much? I mean Saturn/Pluto in your income sector have had you stressing about financial realities for a while now; and as much as you’ve been valiantly pulling together your best fiscal discipline & entrepreneurial genius (well done you btw) –recent developments have triggered any survivalist, poverty fears coming up with Saturn/Pluto exact in late March?

Yeah ok it’s been tough –you don’t like restrictive circumstances at the best of times, and on the one hand are the sign most likely to freak out when the going gets tough & you have to deal with tight budgeting etc to break your stride… aargh

But on the other hand lets talk about your lucky ruler, Jupiter nudging fear-mongering Saturn out of the way for a spectacular, empowering, potentially so luc...

February 29, 2020


To the extent you feel life has been a bitch with Saturn in your sign and then your 2nd house of material security since early 2015, and you’re frankly over the constant personal discipline lessons & gritty financial survival stress –aargh at the end of your tether much?  You’ll be thrilled to know that Saturn fuqs off from March 22nd and it finally gets a bit easier, to reap the rewards of all the hard work you’ve been persevering with all this time…

So how perfect is the Full Moon of the 10th in your biz sector; in easy aspect to the spectacularly lucrative astro brewing with your lucky ruler Jupiter, Mars & Pluto in your earning sector–and Venus/Uranus in your work sector for a sudden, game changing new perspective on working your unique creative brilliance, talen...

February 2, 2020


So with Pluto/Saturn recently at flashpoint reality-check in your income/security sector, you’ve been kind of preoccupied with basic material imperatives… aargh survival issues much?

It’s been like sink or thrive crisis point financially, but when it comes to the crunch you are always going to choose lucrative settings. Because as much as you’re kind of famous for bonkers/edgy/stoopid budget skills (lets face it); you actually can’t bear the tedium of feeling broke & at the end of the day your optimistic abundance consciousness wins out, no matter how hard you have to work for it right?

So yeah it’s been a challenging, gutsy vibe to just stay afloat/pay the bills recently, but I feel this has just galvanised your resolve to thrive. Especially with Mars in your income...

January 1, 2020


So your Happy New Year/New Decade begins with Mars charging into Sag from the 4th, and whoa baby you’re ready to embrace 2020 with full, primal, spunky vitality & plenty of raw energy to burn-look out world you’re on fire!  

And lucky, because you want to be at the top of your game to deal with Pluto/Saturn digging deep into your money/survival/security issues right now. I mean no offence but you are possibly the most financially bonkers sign of all.

As in you’re perfectly capable of earning good coin IF it doesn’t interfere with your unfettered, free-range lifestyle; so you’ve gotta be very good at what you do and/or constantly hustling a precarious income, which can be a tad exhausting right? And then whatever cash you attract tends to disappear into some black hol...

December 2, 2019


Well I hope you’ve enjoyed the last year of your ruler Jupiter firing up your freewheeling exuberance in Sag, because Jupiter is in the clutches of disciplinarian Capricorn from Dec 3rd-and it’s about to get real baby!

I mean to the extent you’ve been playing with your most expansive dreams lately; you’ve had a fierce intolerance to any tedious details or onerous obligations that you feel might cramp your style. So your rebel heart says good luck to any control freaks trying it on with authoritarian crap, or you entrapped in certain suffocating commitment scenarios right? Aint gonna happen! Yeah but…

…Sure you’re more clear about the liberating Sag life plan than ever, and no way are you backing down on living large like you mean it & fulfilling your most spunky pote...

October 31, 2019


So November kicks of with Venus in your sign, which is nicely auspicious for a beautiful, dolce vita month ahead.

I mean with your ruler Jupiter backwards & forwards in your sign recently you’ve been wondering whether lady luck is on your side or what -veering between your wildest dreams coming true & WTF type delays doing your head in much?? Yeah it’s been a trip, but with Jupiter now direct & Venus onside you’re like ‘fuq it, I’m going to shine with radiant gorgeousness, talent & charisma no matter what –look out world I’m ready to rock’.

Because you’re the sign most likely to thrive on positive affirmations –you literally cannot tolerate resigning to despair, and right now you’re so full of that wonderful optimism you do so well –go you!

Even Mercury re...

October 1, 2019


So Mars completing a tour of your biz sector in early October has you reflecting just how much you’ve been honing your most determined ambitions lately. You’ve been pretty fierce about not giving up on yourself; and I tell you what, with Saturn/Pluto brewing serious lucrative scenarios in your earning sector for the rest of the year it’s worth sticking with this newfound discipline a bit longer-dig deep & keep at it babe, you could be just on the cusp of next level success…

Especially with lucky Jupiter picking up momentum in Sag for the rest of the year- anything less than thriving with full, shiny lust for life is frankly too boring to contemplate. The force is strong with you right now, so might as well get ready to seize the day with any cool opportunities comin...

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