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July 31, 2020


So you know how you adore the stimulation of connecting with your tribe, social networking & the company of good friends; as in the healthy exchange of ideas with interesting people is basically like oxygen to you -chatty dialogue is your core respiratory function much? I mean for example during lockdown etc, where some signs were taking the opportunity to hide out in introvert heaven; you were the sign most likely to be on every social media app/phone calls etc, keeping the flow of human interaction right?

Well you’re going to love Mars energising your social/community sector for the whole rest of the year! You are more likely to be invited to do cool things with cool people who turn you on, to feel part of the human family. Especially with your ruler Mercury sparking your c...

July 1, 2020


So let’s talk about Venus in an epic, extended tour of Gemini, to lush up your gorgeous charisma, talent & beauty in the world from April 4th-August 8th this year. Especially with Uranus inspiring you to rock your most incandescent, spunky self to mingle on the social scene, which you adore -2020 is your time to feel fabulous about yourself & shine!

Yes, but also it kinda sucks that your most brilliant, confident, show-off season ever has coincided with hiding out in tedious lockdown/social distancing etc recently? Way to cramp your style much?? Especially Venus retro mid-may to late June was tricky, to take a step back & re-evaluate where you’re coming from & graciously deal with certain delays/personal growth as opposed to charging forward with any particular outcomes…...

May 30, 2020


So the 14th is the annual Full Moon in your love sector AND it’s an Eclipse for extra potency, and even better is opposite love goddess Venus shining bright in your sign in a magnetic attraction/romantic tension vibe with Mars. It’s time to look cute, polish the bedroom vibe & open thy heart to good loving –it’s mating season baby!

If you’re already in love/connected it’s perfect time to enchant your partner anew, re-kindle the chemistry & bond more deeply. Especially with Jupiter confidence on sexy Pluto in your sex sector, you’re ready to expand your capacity for intimacy with courageous, game changing, powerful passion-yes! Also Mars in your biz sector is pulling your attention to career concerns, so don’t forget to sort the work/life balance & make time for your special s...

May 2, 2020


So how freaking fabulous is Venus in your sign till August! I mean given that the love goddess usually only graces each sign for about a month each year, this extended trip through Gemini has got to be brilliant for your natural charisma, talent, beauty, charm & romantic prospects. Are you feeling more radiant & positive than ever despite the dystopian background we’re dealing with? Yes embrace this -it’s your time to shine just by being your natural self and inspire the rest of us to lift our game, you gorgeous thing.

So even Venus retrograde from the 15th is ok, in that in between swanning around feeling fab you are also taking the time to pull back a bit & low-key polish & finesse your genius for the next few months; because Venus fully back on track from late July is...

April 3, 2020


Omg we have to talk about Venus in Gemini from April 4th until August! This is a rare, extended visit from the goddess of love, art & beauty in your sign so it absolutely looks like your time to shine. You get to spend the next 4 months coming to terms with how gorgeous, talented, alluring & loving you can be in the world –yay, what’s not to love about being you right now?  

Also because the Full Moon of the 8th is in your playful sector of personal confidence, creativity & romance to get you going. Especially with Lilith & Chiron in your social sector, lending a bit more gravitas to your usual glittery charm. You allow yourself the vulnerability of expressing a more authentic version of who you are beyond what you would normally consider socially desirable or whatever, a...

February 29, 2020


So Neptune in your biz sector for the Full Moon of the 10th is such magical, Visionary inspo about doing meaningful/creative stuff you love in your career. Yes, but also your ruler Mercury retro dithering around the cusp of your biz sector means you might want to check the details & hold off on any binding commitments until after the 16th…

Because meanwhile this Full Moon is in your home sector, and triggering the massive astro in your sector of sex/intimacy/family/deeper relational dynamics –where you fill your cup by cultivating more authentic emotional connections in your personal life.

Pluto/Saturn unearth fundamental issues around commitment/family/money/psycho sexual scenarios as the case may be –it’s a reality check to clarify where you stand! And Mars/Jupiter bring the...

February 2, 2020


So how’s it going sitting in the aftermath of Pluto/Saturn smashing up the fundamentals of key Gemini entanglements lately? I mean to the extent you’ve been digging into the deeper feelings/issues/dynamics of your closest connections with hardcore authenticity –whew it’s been revealing!  

Because a forensic analysis of certain love/sex/ family scenarios (according to your situation) has clarified stuff like how to do radical vulnerability/searing passion/emotional commitment fearlessly with the right people; but also clear, sane boundaries to keep it healthy; including fearlessly ditching any toxic interactions that have run their course –I know, that particular balancing act is a trip at the best of times right?

And same goes for any financial/biz scenarios that have been pro...

January 1, 2020


So your happy New Year/New Decade begins with Mars energising your love/partnership sector, confirming the emphasis on Gemini mating season with a rocking Pluto/Saturn conjunction in your sex/intimacy sector peaking this month:

Because the sheer, smoking hot passion of Pluto is provoking deeper feelings than ever - desires are running high & it’s sexy, volatile & transformative as fuq! And Saturn is the emotional hard yakka required; if you’re looking to build enduring commitment with someone special/or ride some game changing love affair just because it’s so goddamn real -there’s never been a better time, if you can hack the intensity? Or assert healthy boundaries if not so sure where you stand/ or get out of someone’s controlling clutches etc right now? Or even if single/no...

December 2, 2019


Well you are quite the little lover this month, aren’t you?

I mean to the extent you tend avoid nitty gritty feelings with that flighty, flirty, enigmatic charm of yours to keep it sparkly fascinating instead; you’ve been feeling Pluto digging into your intimacy sector for a while now revealing a deeper, more volcanic passion than you are normally known for.

And Saturn on Pluto for the next few months has you coming to terms with exactly what this means in terms of serious commitment, healthy boundaries & just how functional your relationship skills need to be to do the hot, powerful, transformative romantic entanglements currently calling your name…

Also because a sexy aspect between Venus in your intimacy sector & her lover Mars early Dec is pulled together by the Sun n your...

October 31, 2019


I’m not sure you’re ready for Pluto/Saturn in your deep dark 8th house, but it’s coming anyway so let’s figure it out:

I mean not to take a cheap shot at the cliché of Gemini being some kind of shallow bimbo –you’re way more complex & interesting than that, but (no offence) your emotional concentration span does occasionally leave something to be desired hmmm...  

As in you are the most delightful, fascinating, enigmatic creature to connect with, but when it all gets too heavy your eye kind of wanders toward the nearest escape route? Maybe not so much fear of commitment (you adore being in a relationship), as fear of being swamped by suffocating emo & even more fear of being bored to death with prosaic, apparently needy ‘us’ talks sans the kind of sparky, intellectual stimulat...

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