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New Moon in Virgo, 6.17pm August 27th, AEST. New Moons are always a fresh emotional perspective, and in Virgo we keep it supremely clean & clear.

Being an earth sign and totally health conscious, Virgo really tunes us into our feelings on the kinaesthetic level of our emotional body. We know what we want, with the exquisite discrimination of Virgo to tell the difference between what's actually good for us and toxic cravings we best avoid. Because whether or not we have our shizz together in terms of emotional self-awareness, the instinctual wisdom of our body tells us where we're at!

As in if we indulge negative thoughts & emotions we feel unwell/experience actual, unpleasant physical symptoms. And if we feed inspiring thoughts & loving, healthy emotions we feel good, with fabulous physical vitality. There's no escaping the inevitable connection between emotional/mental/spiritual/physical wellbeing here; and we are so much better for appreciating/understanding our holistic nature, right?

Also this calms down the white noise of obsessive Virgo analysis. Especially Virgo ruler Mercury opposite optimistic, expansive Jupiter; we don't need to control freak stuff, as much as flow with whatever feels naturally right. With Venus/caring Ceres conjunct in confident Leo, we trust that we can follow our bliss just because it feels good to be alive...

And the best part is this Moon exactly square Mars. Dynamic, raw energy is released every time we choose wisely where to focus our attention. This is such an energising, Power Moon to thrive, the more we are discerning about self care & intelligent intentions.

Happy Virgo New Moon folks, it's so lovely, positive & promising x

Image: the wonderful, immensely talented Danielle Noel.


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