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The Full Moon of the 2nd in your sexy 8th house of intimacy, financial & personal entanglements is on the healer Chiron; so you’re really feeling into the deeper nuances of human connection.

Because with Mars and bitch Lilith also in the 8th, passions are running high! Brilliantly authentic chemistry is a thing and maybe edgy, combative frisson to keep it interesting- I mean with Mars retro till mid Nov you are having to handle intense, greedy desires without necessarily instant gratification-aargh frustrating much?

So Chiron reveals any vulnerable emotions coming up under pressure, but ideally we don’t buy into sooky, reactive tantrums right? Much better to refine that exquisite sensitivity of yours, to tease out any issues with subtlety & mutual compassion. This is actually a beautiful opportunity to bond with loved ones/negotiate money or family biz effectively & generally finesse your lovely relationship skills..

So how perfect is Venus into Virgo from the 4th, right on time to work your beautiful charm, romantic allure & smooth negotiation skills to best advantage. Not to mention being generally gorgeous, glamorous, charismatic & talented in the world of course, it’s always nice to strut around feeling fab for your annual shot of Virgo Venus confidence!

Especially with lucky Jupiter direct in your 5th house of play/talent/self expression. I mean Saturn/Pluto in the 5th have been working your creative process to the bone lately, and really testing what you’re good at, whether you actually believe in your innate brilliance & how to work that daily discipline you’re so famous for to keep it real. So your play sector may have felt a bit too much like hard work lately-especially with Jupiter retrograde since May to cramp your style.

So you’re loving Jupiter direct right now, to bring the fun back & enjoy being you just because it feels good to be alive! Yay whether its shameless self promotion to show off in the world, or quality time with loved ones/romance/recreational play it’s time to fill your cup with whatever you really enjoy x

Then the New Moon of the 17th in your income/earning sector is opposite Mars & trine the Destiny Point in your career sector, for such a clear sense of vocational calling. So you’re all fired up to earn good coin doing what you do so well -excellent you may have lots of sparkly, promising insights about that mid month. But also Mars retro does tend to complicate any biz negotiations or fiscal agreements –maybe hold off on firm contractual agreements etc –and absolutely no competitive/aggro moves in biz until Mars direct from mid Nov!

Image: Uma Thurman for Richard Avedon

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