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The New Moon of May 1st awakens your expansive adventure sector, which is always a buzz. And this one conjunct radical Uranus, with the Destiny Point involved AND a Partial Solar Eclipse, for a really exciting sense of chasing your wildest dreams with emotional clarity.

Whether getting outside your comfort zone via travel, hanging out somewhere different or crazy stimulating new educational/vocational pursuits; you are not just randomly seeking distraction from the status quo. You are honing in on your most meaningful personal growth, with that famous, discerning attitude of yours about what really matters. Thinking big can happen, whilst also being precise about how to make your grand life plan happen; managing the stiff you can control & enjoying the great unknown you can’t control right? You of all signs get this, of course.

Especially with your clever ruler, Mercury bang on your apex career point for this Eclipse, in orb of the Destiny Point. If you feel switched on to some genius vocational plan or professional dialogue, you could be so onto it! And ok with Mercury retrograde from the 12th, even if it gets a bit tricky for the rest of the month, you just keep finessing the details like a pro, obviously.

Meanwhile love is a big deal right now:

Positive Jupiter in your partner sector, with magical Neptune AND Venus/Mars attraction action lately, has certainly got your romantic attention. Anything from blissful, soulmating bliss with your special someone, to weird/promising chemistry with a lover to trying to read whether some crazy crush is for real or not?

Especially Venus/Jupiter exact May 1st, feels like a certain romantic adventure or renewed connection with your partner could be such a beautiful thing!.

Then Venus into your sex/intimacy sector from May 3rd, joined by Jupiter beginning a whole year of positive, sexy vulnerability from the 12th. Taking a risk on being real about your needs, as you express yourself in intimate moments. The better to also allow your lover to reveal their feelings, as they are so much more likely to do for the coming year -in fabulously inspiring ways to enjoy one another’s passion & mutual, unconditional acceptance of who each other really are.

And ok, even if restless Jupiter has one of you feeling kind of suffocated by emo demands, and you have to back off the heavy expectations, to give some space & emotional oxygen to do your own thing? This could work quite nicely, if you can get your head around an expansive, trusting version of growing as a couple AND individuals?

Yes, mating season is looking good, little lover.

Then the Total Lunar Eclipse of the 16th is a cracker Full Moon, in your 3rd house of ideas, how your mind works & how you communicate. Ideal for pattern recognition; to reflect on how your belief systems, self-talk and what you choose to verbalise affects your reality. And how much you grow, by questioning basic assumptions & permission to believe bigger, better things about what is possible in your life? Cliché pep-talk I know, but also true…

Then the New Moon of the 30th, in your career sector picks up on this confidence, to grab fab professional opportunities in June.

Image: Lisa Haydon for Bikramit Bose


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