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March begins with your ruler Mercury conjunct Saturn, in your 6th house.

So let’s talk about your home turf, the 6th house of practical work ethic, healthy wellbeing and wise lifestyle choices:

Saturn in your 6th since Jan 2021, has been all about personal discipline.

-Health choices have felt like a real priority. Whether you’ve had any long term issues, you recently felt the need to realistically address? Or feeling strong enough to go the extra mile, with some kind of strict workout/dietary regime etc, to really embrace your fierce, effective physical strength? You have been willing to persevere with intelligent self care; for the chance to finesse the clean, lean lifestyle you do so well, for optimum wellbeing.

-Work ethic. Saturn loves to succeed professionally, and loves the chance to wrestle your day job/biz plan into realistic effectiveness. All the basic stuff, that some other signs find so tedious -you adore! Finessing the tiniest details, turning up on time, maintaining a tight daily schedule, responsible accountability for your actions, maintaining a respectable reputation in the workplace (even as you camouflage your more subversive instincts, dark horse style)…is a total turn on for you.

So feels like you’ve nailed some real sense of accomplishment in the last few years -well done you. And we shall talk about Saturn moving on shortly-but first Pluto:

Pluto into your 6th house from March 23rd till June this year replaces Saturn, then settling into your 6th from Feb 2024 -for the next 20 years!

Compared to conservative Saturn; Pluto brings next level lust for life, dynamic physical vitality and a totally transformative approach to the career goals you are working towards. The discipline you’ve been cultivating recently comes in handy, to not only survive on basic terms but a new determination to thrive in a whole new, even more satisfying way. Mild mannered Virgo, quietly beavering away in the background? Watch out world, about to become a force of nature, change agent success machine!

Especially Mars completing several months in your career sector, this month. You have your eye on whatever vocational goals turn you on, with such brilliant confidence -go you.

Meanwhile the Virgo Full Moon of March 7th.

-Trine Uranus in your expansive 9th house, to fuel all this mojo to chase big dreams.

-Also suddenly, it becomes all about personal relationships:

Moon opposite Sun conjunct Neptune in your love sector, is notoriously tricky. Neptune can be the most divine, intoxicating true love, where you get to reveal your feelings with a genuinely soulmate type lover/potential partner. Or it can be batshit crazy crushes or nebulous feelings that simply can’t be pinned down-I mean even soul-connections can be quite the headfuq?

And Jupiter/Chiron/Venus in your 8th, sex/intimacy sector. Big, confident romance that heals, with an exquisite capacity for positive vulnerability. Yes the passion and mutual care is real. Also keep a teensy eye on unrealistic expectations, which could trigger any wounds that are ready to be dealt with, know what I mean?

Because the big news is Saturn into your love sector bang on the Full Moon; from March 7th for the next 2 ½ years. Beginning a phase of sober, emotionally intelligent alignment with your most functional relationship dynamics.

The 7th house is where we meet our own expectations, projections and lovely relating skills that create our love paradigm -and who we tend to attract. And where we meet our lovers & partners as they are, to understand & really connect with the real human beings we find ourselves falling in love with.

And Saturn is nothing if not a realist. About to help cultivate healthy, honest, sustainable relationship dynamics. Appreciating the meaning of real, sustainable commitment, including the discipline of proper boundaries and mutual respect. You are actually really good at this as such a classy, discerning, self-contained creature. Long term love could become your new normal!

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