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So Uranus square Saturn in your work/health sector cold be jangling your sensitive nerves a little bit, and certainly too distracted by crazy, expansive freedom schemes to particularly enjoy any kind of monotonous daily routine.

Which could be fab, in the sense that you are thinking big, inspired thoughts about your life plan-and only willing to direct your precious time & work ethic to goals that fully turn you on.

And your ruler Mercury on Jupiter around the 5th is just the kind of sparkly, exuberant intentions to lift your game, imagine a better, more meaningful way of doing things and focus your everyday routine accordingly. Also reminding you that a positive state of mind not only helps to manifest cool progress in the world, but also feels good and crucial for mental & physical health right?

And just in time for Mars in your biz sector from the 4th, so it’s not like you lack professional ambition this month. You are so fired up with the sheer vitality to chase your dreams in the world. And I’m talking about dreams because as much as success for the sake of money/status etc is totally going here, there is a also a higher calling going on. Mars on the Destiny Point by the 26th could be some spooky perfect opportunity, in perfect synchronicity with your true, essential sense of purpose in the world that you have been trying to manifest for ages. Yes, so time to trust your instincts & seize the moment when it comes –if not now when, huh?

Meanwhile March 13th is the annual New Moon in your love sector, and bang on love goddess Venus & magical Neptune it’s a cracker! Venus/Neptune is classic, quintessential romantic rapture that can go either way:

Exquisite, deep soulmate connection that feels so right for absolute, profound commitment. Perfect, destinal synchronicity to meet someone special & spooky promising. Crazy fun times with someone inspiring, just because the thrill of the moment & ideally awaken your own creative/spiritual potential. OR. Bonkers delusional/obsessive crush to do your head in. Slippery, toxic, manipulative behaviour that requires immediate boundaries to sort out -but is it you or your lover playing games hmm? Impossible, complicated love that probably won’t ‘work’, but could drive your personal growth or creative expression in a french film kind of way.

I mean it’s a fine line between the various scenarios above; and the Full Moon of the 29th, on the healer Chiron & Venus in your intimacy sector brings a much more lucid, emotionally clear perspective to ground any relationships that are still on point by late March.

Image: Uma Thurman for Richard Avedon


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