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So Mercury retrograde in your biz sector & Saturn retro in your work sector have you control freaky as fuq and micro managing the fine detail in every aspect of your career/obsessively productive daily routine; and all the minor setbacks conspiring against immediate success only make you more feverishly effective about stuff you’re trying to achieve...

Which would stress out other signs, but do admit you kind of dig the OCD rush of running around finding something/anything to accomplish in tedious retrograde season lol. Ha, but also you get that Virgo perfectionism is far better expressed slowing down & finessing the plan with your exquisitely refined instincts, more so than charging forward with half-baked plans just yet right?

Good, so the New Moon of the 10th on Mercury is ideally a fab light bulb moment, especially with the Destiny Point involved to reveal a sense of vocational purpose that properly turns you on. And suss out any promising opportunities turning up with your famous discerning, critical thinking for the moment. Especially Mars hiding out in your soul sector from June 12th where low key scheming & dreaming is your best look, the better to unleash your brilliance upon the world when Mars fires up your sign from July 30th onwards.

Meanwhile the Full Moon of the June 25th helps to play with your talent and self-expression, just for the buzz of exploring the creative process of whatever you do well. And also time to have fun because living in the moment & enjoy the simple, dolce vita pleasures in life is a thing!

And this Moon is also lovely for delicious romance, with lucky Jupiter in your love sector. Quality time with your lover/partner allows the connection to unfold in its own sweet way. And if single, hanging out with nice crew you enjoy spending time with could reveal some flirty attraction on the scene?

Image: Katerina Plotnikova


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