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It’s all about your home turf, the 6th house of healthy habits, wellbeing & effective work ethic this month:

So Saturn in your 6th house has been drilling down on personal discipline, for the last few years. I mean some signs would have struggled with this pressure to excel. But as the supreme perfectionist, you’ve quite enjoyed the challenge of being the most lean, mean, productive, radiantly healthy version of yourself -such a good look for you.

Especially Venus conjunct Pluto in your talent sector Jan 1st, with your ruler Mercury retro; for a smart, creatively ruthless approach to getting clear about whatever you are good at.

Then Venus swanning into your 6th house from Jan 3rd. To begin the year with gorgeous self assurance, about showing off your creative brilliance and manifesting magic; for professional success and living the dolce vita lifestyle you’ve been working so hard for…

Then the New Moon of Jan 22nd, in your 6th house with Venus exactly conjunct Saturn. Exactly opposite Lilith in your soul sector/ trine Mars newly direct in your biz sector. By the end of Jan you are so on point:

To tune into whatever matters to you on a spiritual level, to be true to your most deeply fulfilling, authentic principles. The better to choose the lifestyle you want to live.

Some call it magical manifestation, and yes you are quite the spooky creatrix. You’ve been working your butt off to keep your intentions positive and walk your talk in the world. So any fab opportunities to thrive, turning up here aint no accident, you deserve it!

The better to enjoy Saturn out of your 6th house this March, replaced by powerhouse Pluto. Oh my, sheer practical survival mode eases off, as you phoenix into next level transformative, intentional living.

Even Pluto sneaking back into your talent/play sector from July this year till Feb 2024, is just a chance to finesse whatever you’re good at. To prepare for Pluto replenishing your healthy, wealthy & wise life force; powering forward in your 6th house for the next 20 years!

Meanwhile the Full Moon of Jan 7th in your social sector conjunct Bitch Lilith. Opposite Sun, Mercury & Pluto in your talent/self expression sector. And with radical Uranus conjunct the Destiny Point in your expansive 9th house, you are quite the idealistic, visionary thinker right now; to be an inspirational voice in the world.

Feels like the more you express yourself with raw authenticity, even your most provocative opinions are so beautifully articulate. The better to bond with the tribe who appreciate your unique point of view.

Or even if certain people disagree with you; with Pluto opposite Lilith at least they respect that you are a formidable intellectual opponent-ideally any debates going on are at least intellectually stimulating? And take an empowering stance in your social scene; what with being so true to the courage of your convictions lately…

Then Venus in your work sector trine Mars retro in your career sector Jan 10th, to charm certain professional dialogues, that may have been temporarily stalled lately. Because with Mars direct from mid Jan, you want to be ready to seize fabulous new professional momentum-suddenly you get ahead, just by being true to yourself!

Meanwhile Jupiter, with healing Chiron in your 8th house of sexy intimacy has you so beautifully open; to positive, loving connection, with the confidence to let your special lover know how much you care. The better to be ready for Saturn in your love/partner sector from March-to work the quality of devoted commitment for the next few years; with a realistic possibility of someone who can do nitty-gritty relationship skills, to cultivate honest, sustainable connection?

Image: Tim Walker


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