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So Mars retrograde in your biz/career sector, for ages this year has you so aware that success comes with carefully, patiently cultivating your schemes & dreams, dark horse style; way more than chasing instant outcomes, right?

Especially Mars trine disciplinarian Saturn in your work/day job sector, early Dec. Aargh, could this cramp your professional style?

Well it certainly tests your work ethic. I mean just because your career moment may slow down/tedious delays etc, doesn’t mean you are not progressing nicely. With a sustained commitment to working at whatever you are trying to achieve; even as you re-evaluate/play around with different versions of what your goals actually are, long term.

And I tell you what, any power trips going on around you suddenly seem so tedious. Thank goodness you are so busy finessing your own talent & style, you have no interest in distractions and could give a fuq what anyone else thinks; so absolutely not tempted to get caught up in stoopid politics, that would just become toxic-right??

Because ultimately, you are giving yourself time to develop a new perspective on what success even means to you, at this point?

Cue the Full Moon of Dec 8th, exactly conjunct Mars retro:

-To reveal your innate vocational/biz instincts, that you give yourself permission to trust. Because your ruler Mercury in your talent/confidence sector is such a buzz. For brilliant ideas & creative skills turning you on; that feel so easy to express in the world to professional advantage. I mean as such an articulate creature, you love this chance to communicate your genius, as much a possible.

And the intelligent discipline to quietly get the details right behind the scenes -just to feel on top of your own game, as you love to do.

-With that intelligent self-care thing you do so well. Yes it’s great to be a lowkey success machine at work; but even better to commit to a lifestyle that nurtures your healthy, wealthy & wise quality of life. You are the sign most tuned into this kind of holistic approach, right?

-Because this Moon is also about personal wellbeing and fulfilling work/life balance. Venus with the Sun in your domestic sector reminds you of your loving relationships at home. And one of the gifts of not being driven to overachieve at work, is more time & energy to spend with your loved ones. Because supportive family & tribe are what really matter, of course.

And speaking of fulfilling personal life, lucky Jupiter joins the healer Chiron in your sex/intimacy sector, from Dec 21st. So lovely, for the confidence to acknowledge any sensitive issues/wounding going on with a passionate love affair. Or any fears about being vulnerable, if thinking about letting someone new into your life? With a positive spin on being as authentic & unconditionally accepting as possible with each other; to trust that honest, genuine love is ready to thrive…

Especially by the New Moon of the 23rd in your play/romance sector. With a Venus/Mercury/Pluto stellium.

Not only are you loving the pleasure of expressing your talent & creative genius. Also having fun with sexy romance, with flirty sweet talk that could so connect you with someone special.

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