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The Full Moon of April 6th is in your 2nd house, opposite Chiron/Sun/Jupiter conjunct in your 8th house. The polarity of these sectors is as follows:

The 2nd is about your own values and personal wealth, that provide a sense of personal autonomy. The 8th is about our emotional, intimate & financial entanglements; where we enjoy the benefit of mutual support and genuine connection, with the challenge of appreciating we are not fully in control -there are other people’s needs and agendas to consider.

As such a considerate creature, you value being of service to others so don’t mind 8th house energy. Especially being supremely concerned with wellbeing, you have an affinity with the healer Chiron here. With an exquisite, subtle touch when it comes to finessing harmonious connection; to heal any issues that might be coming up with the important people in your life. And Jupiter brings a positive, trusting approach to one another; to ameliorate any Virgo tendencies to nag them to death, ha ha.

Also as such a self contained creature, highly sensitive to other people’s demands, you do value healthy boundaries. So you kind of love the 2nd house energy here; in the sense you get to tune into your own, sovereign stance in any given scenario. Protecting your material stability and personal values is a thing-the better to share ideas & resources from an empowered standpoint, right?

Especially Saturn fresh in your love/partner sector -the very definition of healthy interpersonal boundaries. A cliché term I know, but you are the sign most likely to get how fundamental this mutual respect is; for building real, long term, devoted commitment. Nice one!

Cue the New Moon, Solar Eclipse of April 20th, conjunct Jupiter in your 8th house.

Such a beautifully positive, fresh dynamic with the people you are inextricably connected with. Jupiter brings the kind of open minded, unconditional love and mutual acceptance that makes relationships thrive. And Chiron backs this up with genuinely caring, mutual empathy and compassion:

-In the passionate 8th house; sexy love affairs and devoted intimacy are paramount. Whether long term committed or not, you bring real integrity to whatever is going on in the Virgo love life.

-Loyalty to your family, or whatever tribe you have gathered around you is important. For unconditional mutual support, without smothering one another with heavy expectations.

-Money/biz negotiations. Shared resources/financially interdependent relationships are ideally positive. Not so much stressing about ripping each other off, as creating expansive, maybe lucrative win-win situations.

Especially Pluto fresh in your work sector & Venus in your career sector, you are all about savvy ways to monetise your creative/biz genius.

Ok, meanwhile this Moon is called a Hybrid Solar Eclipse for a reason. Officially exact in your 8th house, it’s also conjunct the Destiny Point in your 9th house, of expansive growth & absolute freedom to live large! As much as you are deeply keyed into your mutual obligation scenarios- you are craving the oxygen to pursue your wildest dreams as well.

Especially with this Eclipse officially exact in your 8th house; then 15 mins later the Moon moves into your 9th house, followed by the Sun 4 hours later. Where they both conjunct the Destiny Point, You are loving a new wild child vibe, coming up here…

Also Chiron square Mars in your social sector & sync Venus in your biz sector. To feel a healthy connection with the cultural & professional zeitgeist around you, as you explore your full potential in the world.

Image: Christy Turlington


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