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Virgo Full Moon, exact 11.25pm March 24th, AEDT. To the extent Full Moons are a rising up of whatever feelings have been brewing lately-in Virgo we tend to be highly sensitive emotionally, with the nervous energy of seeking perfect solutions to every little issue. As well as highly attuned, and intelligent to how closely aligned our emotional, mental and physical wellbeing is:

So first of all holistic, healthy habits-even the most basic acts of self care can make all the difference to our mood, and point of view right now. For example if tempted to wig out, because some fuqwit is triggering us or micro-managing the trillion details of daily life aint working? Maybe go do yoga, meditate or cathartically scrub the vegetable crisper, after we make a veggie juice and take our supplements? Whether we need a moment of rest or identify simple tasks we can focus on, to align with healthful body, mental clarity and calm psycho-emotional equanimity? The better to dream wisely, with a realistic approach to manifesting our visionary wisdom. Also we handle any tricky communication issues in our relationships best, when we come from a place of inner peace-rather than reactive criticism of one another, right?

Because this Moon is opposite a Mercury/Sun/Saturn stellium in Pisces. And exactly trine mama Ceres in Capricorn:

We are dreaming of perfection. It's lovely to be idealistic, about right action according to our highest principles, immaculate personal discipline to achieve our goals and being immaculate with our word, for crystal clear self expression and beautifully honest relationship dynamics. Yes, all of the above is the full potential of this Moon, and we give it our best shot! It's wonderful to have the integrity to hold ourselves, and loved ones to supremely high standards.

But the problem is when we get neurotic about it-so attached to precise plans, fixed expectations about outcomes, harsh judgement of ourselves and one another...that our lovely idealism becomes an actual headfuq. Know what I mean?

Because also we are all human, with our beautifully human flaws....and maybe one of the most valuable, lowkey gifts of this Moon is self acceptance. The more we embrace ourselves as we are, we can accept the fuqing crazy world we live in and other people as they are-with real compassion? The better to do the best we can to be our best selves, as we offer our service to others and help make the world a better place-with gentle, effective, sensitive Virgo realism?

Happy Virgo Full Moon, folks. Lets keep it clean, high frequency and compassionate x


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