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It’s all about the Full Moon of Nov 8th, a Total Lunar Eclipse in Taurus to turn you on for the month:

This Moon is conjunct radical Uranus & the Destiny Point in your sign. To unleash your innate sense of purpose in the world; especially square Saturn in your biz sector for clear, practical discipline to work towards your vocational calling. And Uranus brings a wild & wonderful attitude, to be chasing only your most visionary dreams -more so than banging away at work ethic just for the sake of getting ahead, know what I mean?

And opposite Venus/Sun/Mercury in your partner sector, totally auspicious to light up your love life. Maybe the connection with your lover finds a sweet spot; to communicate clearly and cultivate next level commitment. Not so much demanding Us Talks -as embracing the simple bliss of simpatico chemistry, for harmonious dynamics to move forward together. Or if single/on the prowl for romance your famous,

suave charm is on point. And with the South Node of past scenarios involved; maybe more likely to be finessing an ongoing flirtation, or an ex lover turning up?

Then the New Moon of Nov 24th, in your sex/intimacy sector ups the ante in terms of deep, emotional & psycho-sexual connection with your special someone. Especially Venus/Mercury, exactly conjunct involved. The courage to find a fresh perspective, to clarify relationship dynamics by actually FEELING what’s going on, more so than detached analysis. I mean you are innately tuned into trusting your kinaesthetic, limbic response to physical passion, the better to know how much to open your heart. And this Moon brings exquisite romantic intelligence, to bond & communicate clearly-according to what feels right?

Also this Moon has Ceres nurturing your creative talent, in your confidence/play sector, opposite Jupiter/Neptune in your social sector. So you are fully comfortable being your true self, doing whatever you are naturally good at, just because healthy self expression feels good. And the most inspiring, magical crew you enjoy being part of get what you’re on about -to really feel part of whatever scene/cultural zeitgeist turns you on.

So with Uranus/Destiny Point in your sign, you are sparkling with such brilliance…and your natural thing is to ground, and manifest your genius in tangible, materially productive schemes to finance the grand plan.

And Mars in your home turf, the 2nd house of material security from Aug this year till next March is such a long time; to excite your innate confidence at productively creating good coin. What a buzz!

Yes but meanwhile, Mars is now officially retrograde from Nov 1st till January. Drat, just as you thought you were getting ahead -is this going to cramp your style with tedious delays and thwarted earning scenarios?

Well ok, certain money creation schemes slow down for a while. Some, more impatient signs would find this maddening frustrating. But as such an innately productive, persevering creature you relish this chance, to take the time to get it right.

Especially with Saturn in your biz sector, this is a chance to finesse the vocational plan. Could be a sustained work ethic, to power forward with clear intentions no matter how long it takes. Could be the intelligence, with transformative Pluto in your vision sector; to fully rebirth your broader life plan with next level effectiveness, like the magical shaman you are becoming. Honestly Mars retro is so not a hindrance, more a renewed perspective to magically manifest true wealth by Jan-the freedom to live on your own, fulfilling terms. Nice one!

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