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So Jupiter and Uranus in Taurus have been shaking up your most radical, positive moxy for a while. And now you’re really feeling the buzz, as they begin to move towards a conjunction as March begins. Of course you’re going to feel it more intensely, as March progresses…until Jupiter/Venus perfect their conjunction by April 18th. 

Plenty of time to come to terms with your full potential as a wildly innovative, visionary, high functioning flake embracing your most expansive life path. It’s bound to be an interesting time coming up:

Whether thrilling opportunities to grow, rocking your world at warp speed towards next level success and sense of meaningful purpose; as a totally relevant player in the fast-paced evolution going on in this crazy world. 

Or even if the radical change energy here is discombobulating-feeling a bit out of your depth? I bet the discomfort is only temporary. Ready to not you are hitting your stride, to embrace the thrill of the unknown with as much clarity as can be expected…

I mean with the Destiny Point conjunct healer Chiron, in your soul sector this month. It feels so good to align with a higher calling, in terms of connecting with your spiritual & creative muse. The better to charge around shaking up the world as such a charismatic, influential change agent-with the integrity of knowing it’s all coming from a place of inner truth. 

Which brings us to all the action going on, in your public life this month:

Venus/Mars continue their conjunction in your brilliant career sector, for the first half of March. With Pluto getting serious here, getting your head around professional power dynamics. It’s all about diplomacy and exciting biz/creative collaborations right now. Shmoozing & grooving with all the right people at work, is more effective than ever.

Then the networking genius continues, with the New Moon of March 10th in your social sector. Conjunct Neptune/Mercury, your natural charm is particularly intoxicating, with persuasive influence on the scene you’re in. 

Could be drumming up support for certain biz scenarios, swanning about being gorgeous, the better to broadcast your unique point of view/creative  genius or quality time with good friends, to appreciate one another’s company? 

Then the Full Moon of March 25th, in your practical 6th house. Trine Pluto in your career sector & quintile Mars in your social sector. Opposite the Sun in your soul sector, where Mercury is preparing to retrograde, towards  healer Chiron & Destiny Point, as April begins…

You get that your spiritual calling & grand vocational schemes are kind of abstract notions; unless you keep your daily habits, health & work ethic in immaculate alignment with whatever you’re on about. I mean obviously as the most embodied sign, of tangible manifesting magic you get the power of living every moment like you mean it-you know life aint no dress rehearsal or fluffy dream, t’s the real thing! You really hit your stride about this innate wisdom, by late March. 

Well done you, ready to thrive and embrace each moment as it comes, in this phase of powerful personal growth-and understanding your role in collective evolution. 

Image: unable to find original credit for this spunky picture.


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