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Tis the season to have your ruler Venus gracing your sign, so the coming month is all about shining your natural beauty, glamour, charm, romantic wiles, talent and creative finesse with extra radiance!

So it’s lovely to feel gorgeous and in demand, whilst more tuned in to a sense of purpose you genuinely enjoy…

Which gets interesting with Venus on Uranus by June 12th. Because Uranus in Taurus is half way through a decade of revealing your weird, crazy genius vibe -so you’re kinda getting the hang of being a high-functioning flake, right? And mid-month Venus activates this beautifully; with peak inspiration to rock your brilliance in the world, with your own unique flair -especially if ruffles some feathers in a good way, to motivate others to be more innovative too?

Especially Venus on the Destiny Point in your sign, by the 17th, there is a sense of higher calling in whatever you are on about:

You might suddenly become super aware of a specific goal or intention that matters deeply to you; and the ability to focus clearly upon that outcome is amazing, for the magical manifesting power you are so famous for.

Or, especially with wilful Mars on the healer Chiron in your soul sector; generally feeling highly intuitive about choices that honour your inner, spiritual wellbeing just as much as outward progress, know what I mean?

This is a subtle yet potent wisdom, to progress with the integrity of aligning your actions with true desires that are actually good for you, and fulfil what karmic sense of what you came here to do. The definition of effective manifesting magic, of course.

Also Venus is about romantic love. So tangled up with radical, authentic Uranus for the Full Moon of the 14th in your sex/intimacy sector; is fantastic chance to be fully appreciated for your unique individuality, by a lover/partner who genuinely gets what you’re on about. And to make this attraction work you reciprocate, of course-to let them love you on their own terms? Mating magic here is all about mutual respect, even if that requires a bit of healthy personal space amongst the wildly exciting chemistry.

And Venus on the Destiny Point by the 17th, whatever you are learning about yourself via relationship suggests a soulmate connection going on; with someone you were meant to meet for some important reason, or even an old flame turning up to work certain issues out?

And could also be promising for long term growth together, if your values are aligned…?

Image: Giampaolo Barbieri, Vogue Italia


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