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It’s all about the action in your 9th house right now, so lets talk about that:

The 9th house is where you expand your horizons and grow as a person, as your life plan grows into something broader and more exciting. Often associated with long distance travel, and the adventurous spirit that beckons us to exotic locales; because of course the more we see of the world & how other people/cultures live the more we elevate our perspective. I mean of course, travel has been a tricky thing with the ridiculous state of the world so that could be frustrating.

But there are lots of other ways we expand our understanding -specifically the 9th house is associated with higher education, academia, writing & publishing; because this is where we learn about the world, develop a philosophical understanding of the human condition, share information & ideas that help us all grow & big picture, visionary attitude to our own potential.

So any way you can broaden your mind, chase your visionary ideals, learn new things and get outside your comfort zone by hanging out somewhere new/meeting new people who positively challenge you; in any area of life is fabulous here.

The specific astro is your ruler Venus in an extended tour your 9th house, from Nov till March, so you are right in the middle of a phase of being so restless & turned on by big, brazen new life plans. And Venus on transformative Pluto all Jan is next level-you are really coming to terms with how much you are shedding the skin of any outdated beliefs/limited experience and ready to find a deeply empowering, brave new version of being you. It’s kind of like the butterfly just about to bust out of the chrysalis, and flutter off to test her new wings as she learns to fly for the first time…

And just saying, Venus/Pluto is a deeply sexy romance vibe, especially with sexy Mars in your lust/intimacy sector.

If single, maybe you encounter someone hot in a new environment, or because you both feel so intensely about some important principle? It’s like raving about philosophy, in some exotic bar with a stranger then bam-you lock eyes & it’s ON! Ha ha, maybe not so literal but you get the vibe right? Or if partnered/in love; maybe go do something different together or chase the dreams you share -more so than just cozy nights in the couch, to renew the passion between you, know what I mean?

Meanwhile the New Moon of Jan 3rd is in your 9th house, for fab emotional clarity about all this personal growth. Especially trining radical Uranus in your sign, which has been sparking up your most inspired, fresh sense of who you want to be in the world for a while now. Such a buzz, to get January & 2022 off to a brilliant start!

So even Venus retrograde all Jan, and Mercury retro in your biz sector from mid month don’t cramp your style. You get any delays/convoluted dialogues are just a chance to finesse the details, and bring your famous charm to schmooze optimum outcomes; to be revealed with Venus direct Jan 29th & Mercury direct early Feb -so that’s something to look forward to…

Image: Patricicjia Dacic


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