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So one minute you were swanning around, with Jupiter & Uranus in Taurus seeking free range, rebellious lifestyle -unplugging from the matrix to do your own thing? The bam, Pluto into your 10th house/biz sector last month-getting ready to settle in for the next 20 years! Dammit, maybe you have to get serious about your professional purpose in the world, after all? Actually, this is brilliant!


Uranus spending several years in your sign, rut busting your own, habitual patterns is so liberating. With Jupiter fully expanding your lust for a bigger life, and sense of personal potential lately.

So even if Saturn in your social sector means external expectations are real, dammit-to be the predictable creature everyone is used to relying upon?  Ha, Jupiter sync Saturn, early Feb blows that out of the water! You are the life affirming badass, living large with integrity-encouraging the rest of us to do the same, right?


So you get that Pluto, getting serious in your 10th house right now is about transforming your brilliant career. You aint just drilling down on redundant old, bourgeois expectations, of what you or anyone else thinks your are ‘supposed’ to achieve -in order to appear respectable.

More that you are unleashing pure Taurus talent upon the world.

Even if facing any demons of self-doubt/societal judgement, that have held you back thus far? So ready to phoenix through that with minimal fuss-and crack on, seizing your professional destiny anyway:

Could be as a success machine at biz-Pluto reveals your genius to public acclaim, fame and fortune. I mean as such a natural, at manifesting good coin-lucrative Pluto totally has your number, for wealth creation vibes.

All the better if working your most meaningful vocational purpose in the world, of course. The bomb is realising how significant your role is, as an agent of change in our collective evolution. Whether your professional clout is modest, in the workplace-even shaking up a few people, to grow alongside you matters. Or if you enjoy a wider sphere of influence-you totally use it wisely. Badass authenticity feels so good, to rock your full integrity in the world! Don’t forget you have the next 20 years of Pluto growth-plenty of time to explore your full potential here…


Meanwhile the New Moon of Feb 10th, with Mercury conjunct Pluto

in your 10th house, is an excellent clue. Finessing the details, about any  immediate career/biz decisions could be a small, significant key to long term plans.

Especially Mars and your ruler Venus, conjunct Pluto as they enter your 10th house mid Feb. Mars fires up your ambition, with the sheer Venusian power of your talent & charm. Your professional charisms is shining bright! It feels good, to show off with a bit of shameless self promotion.

Also because you’re making such an impression, on all the right people. Creative collaboration/advantageous biz relationships matter. Forget any cliches about obstinate Taurus-your natural generosity & delicious charm, with folks who prove their worth, works a treat this month.


Also your ruler Venus dancing around a conjunction with Mars, all month is inevitably about romance. In your expansive 9th house till Feb 22nd, when they perfect their conjunction, with Pluto in your 10th house:

If partnered/in love you support one another, to chase your dreams & career imperatives; the better to bond as a power couple in the world. Forget bickering over minor dramas-too busy evolving together. Could be such a dream team right now?

Or If single/on the prowl? Early Feb says the more out of your comfort zone, more likely to attract romance in exciting new places, you don’t normally hang out in? And I tell you what, Venus/Mars exact with Pluto, Feb 22nd means any flirty vibes in the workplace/hooking up with people you’re supposed to be doing biz with-even if a bit controversial? Could be smoking hot! And maybe promising, in terms of real relationship potential, hmmm?


Just in time for the Full Moon of Feb 26th in your 5th house of talent, play & sweet romance. To have as much fun as possible, with whatever aspect of self-expression turns you on right now.



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