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So how you going with Jupiter retro in your sign right now -in storm phase, preparing to turn direct from November 30th?

It’s like this month is a mediation- between zen-like acceptance of slow moving scenarios lately, and exuberant rush of life force coming up, with fresh momentum in the New Year…

I mean according to your traditional reputation, of buddha-like patience you could be quite happy to kick back, sitting on the dock of the bay so to speak, allowing the things you can’t yet control pass by with sweet equanimity. You have the lovely ability to smell the roses and embrace each moment for what it is-which the rest of us control freaks are so jealous of, btw.

Also you are a powerhouse of productivity at the best of times. You love to feel in creative mode, manifesting something tangible in the world. Another life affirming quality, the rest of us are so in awe of! So maybe you are working like a demon behind he scenes-cultivating incredibly promising schemes, ready to ride the success vibes of Jupiter nearly direct?

Thus do you ride December as cruisy as possible, doing whatever feels meaningful at whatever pace suits your vibe. Knowing that you are preparing yourself to take your foot off the brakes at the end of the month-just in time to charge into 2024 with such a blast of positive momentum! Something to look forward to, for sure.

Ok so meanwhile, lets talk about Taurus mating season this month:

Venus into your love/partner sector, from Dec 6th is lovely. Especially opposite Jupiter in your sign-exact by Dec 10th. More likely to enjoy loving support from your current lover-who gets what you’re on about and adores you for it. And you love them right back of course. Or if single/dating etc, more likely to attract someone gorgeous who gets you, which feels so promising. No need to force the easy chemistry here, it’s a natural thing…

Just in time for the New Moon of Dec 13th, in your sexy 8th house. To the extent the 8th is about hot blooded seduction as well as vulnerable, emotional intimacy you are all over it. With Mars conjunct Ceres involved:

Mars brings libido and pleasurable passion -with your famous, delicious bedroom skills. Also the courage to express your true feelings-with the fierce passion to make love like you mean it, emotionally.

Especially Ceres brings the willingness to be vulnerable, to take care of one another as you go. Real, honest connection is calling your name.

If you are lucky enough to have someone special to commit to, or a wildly exciting crush rocking your world? The reciprocal devotion could become so much deeper here. Nice one x

Meanwhile we need to talk about Neptune direct in your social sector, from Dec 6th. Neptune picks up on Venus in your love sector and Mars/Mercury in your sexy 8th. So if you happen to be single/on the dating scene prowl-you could enjoy some fascinating; flirty chemistry to turn you on. I mean with slippery Neptune could be just a fluttery crush, that may or may not be realistic? But gosh it’s fun to fantasize? Or just maybe, some intoxicating crush could be genuine, actually promising soulmate recognition?? Or if already committed, have someone special? Maybe take a break from Taurus cuddles on the couch, as blissful as it is-and take them out for a good time, for goodness sake!

Also Neptune invites you to connect with your soul tribe -of friends and whatever group dynamic animates your social conscience right now.

Especially by the Full Moon of Dec 27th, in your clever 3rd house. Trine Saturn, also newly direct in your social sector, opposite Lilith in your creative self-expression sector. Your spunky, unique voice in the world is so appreciated, by the people who share your visionary ideals.

Image: Gregory Regini

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