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Full Moon in Taurus, partial eclipse is here to lush us up- exact 8pm Nov 19th, AEDT.

To the extent Full Moons are always a rising up of whatever feelings have been brewing all month- in Taurus we have real physical & emotional appetites, and ready for satisfaction. We want what we want, the better to satiate our most pressing desires:

The obvious Taurus impulses are food, sex & money -in no particular order. Yes this could be quite an indulgent excuse, for lavish living. If we are cooking up a storm for our tribe or a hot date/seduction moment -might as well take our pleasures where we find them huh? I mean in these crazy, dystopian times we are still allowed to have life-affirming fun! And we could also be hard wired to be making good coin, with natural biz acumen doing something creatively brilliant -such is the power of Taurus manifesting magic.

Because Taurus ruler Venus, elegantly in Capricorn reminds us that a bit of discipline goes a long way here. Yes have a good time but also a sharp, pragmatic eye to thriving in a healthy way, that also helps us fulfil our long term relationship, earning & wellbeing goals right??

Especially trine lucky, expansive Jupiter-we are so turned on by our most visionary dreams, schemes & long term plans right now... let's think big about living like we mean it!

Happy Taurus Full Moon folks -time to feel good about being alive x

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