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So September is here and so many planets retrograde... so many scenarios in our lives stalled or moving in maddening, tedious slow motion. It almost feels like we are regressing, having to figure out stuff all over again, that we could have sworn we dealt with months ago...dammit.

And hello, looking at the state of the world we could be forgiven for thinking we are becoming entangled in full blown, dystopian status quo!

Which of course, yes all of the above is true; but what if this regressive state of affairs is only temporary, and the dark before the dawn of fresh, forward momentum right??

Because the planets retrograde this month include Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus, Neptune, Pluto, Chiron and, from the 29th Mercury retro. Which in order of the above list is our positive confidence, practical work ethic, rebellious spirit, spiritual connection/magic, sexy transformation, healing/healthy wellbeing and mental intelligence/communication genius all feel frustratingly stalled, as we re-evaluate what it all means.

Then the good news is they move forward as follows: Pluto, Saturn, Jupiter & Mercury direct in October for renewed vitality to grow, believe in our dreams, build a better future, think for ourselves and communicate more clearly. Then Neptune & Chiron direct in Dec for spiritual/physical wellbeing, and Uranus direct from next Jan to rock our new, positively radical paradigm in the world.

Yay, despite how stuck we feel right now it is preparing us for a BIG rush of fab new progress in October-not long now! Then we refine the process of walking our talk in the world till the end of the year. So yeah, if we play our cards right, get our intentions clear and priorities in order right now-we have lots to look forward to huh?

Happy September folks, let's keep it real as we think long term, excellent outcomes x Lots more detail for your sign with the September horoscopes here.

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