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Sagittarius New Moon, exact 9.31am Dec 13th, AEDT. To the extent New Moons are always a fresh emotional perspective; in Sag we keep it supremely positive and expansive, with an eye to scoring as much personal freedom as possible...

Sag energy requires a LOT of personal space, and emotional oxygen to thrive. In terms of personal growth this makes sense-we crave the open road, so to speak, to go forth and explore our full potential with the thrill of open ended possibilities. Rebels, truth seekers and philosophical types adore this. Yes the buzz of charging around having a good time being free, the wind in our hair and fuq-you to any control freaks trying to hold us back, from actually feeling alive. As a full blooded Sag myself, I say bravo! Also Sag is concerned with a sense of meaning in life; asking the big questions, trying to figure out what is actually going on, and our higher purpose in this crazy world.

Meanwhile Sag energy can get a bad rap, relatonship wise. Yes we know exactly where the back door is, ready to bolt if anyone tries to power trip or control us. We are quite happy with our own company, communing with our shamanic, wisdom muse if need be. But there is a positive vibe here-the kind of unconditional love that allows our loved ones exactly the same freedom to be their true selves, as we demand in return. We nurture one another by encouraging, and celebrating each other's freedom to thrive. The better to enjoy healthy relationships, where we grow and explore a positive future together.

Cue caring Ceres conjunct Mars, also in Sag. And this Moon square Neptune in Pisces & quintile Uranus in Taurus. The more we nurture our most positive intentions, with healthy self care for the vitality to live like we mean it-we focus on right action in the world, with total integrity. With manifesting magic, the more we find innovative new ways to create the life we want to live.

Happy Sag New Moon folks-let's embrace the opportunities that Destiny reveals to us right now xxx


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