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So the New Moon of the 7th, with Mars in your social sector has you all enthused about fresh, energising connection with your tribe. Maybe good times with special friends, or hustling networking opportunities in the world. Which of course is also a bitch with dumb lockdown etc cramping your style-how frustrating!

So Venus & Mercury hiding out in your soul sector early Sept then Mars from the 15th helps, to also enjoy your introvert tendencies. I mean do admit you like to spend a bit of time lurking around doing your own thing privately, not necessarily in the public glare. Maybe cultivating top-secret creative/biz schemes, that you will not share till they’re up to scratch; yes and whatever you’re working on early Sept is ready to publicise with Venus in your sign from the 11th. Especially with Venus trine Neptune in your talent by Sept 30th, you get sublime results from working your most inspired creative process all month.

And maybe this brings your famous, inscrutable romantic style into play. Do admit you prefer to keep your mystery intact, with a tendency to make riveting eye contact occasionally & drop subtle hints about your feelings without actually revealing too much -then sit back and see if the object of your affection has the emotional intelligence to figure it out… Some people call this game playing but you know you never muck around when it comes to love, you are deadly serious about seduction, you just want to see if your lover is on board & up to scratch right?

And Venus in Scorpio from the 11th brings your gorgeous, flirty wiles into the open. Especially by the 24th Venus opposite Uranus in your love sector could be so revealing about crazy relationship dynamics- no matter how bonkers your partner/lover is behaving, you’ve got the hypnotic charm to bring the connection into line or at least clarify where things are at, one way or the other.

Then the Full Moon of the 21st on magical, rapturous Neptune is fabulous wild energy to 1. Create incredible art/self-expression, to be your most enchanting/charismatic version of yourself in the world. 2. Enjoy good times with your tribe, to bond because it feels so good to share unconditional acceptance of who each other are-and have fun with that. 3. Get completely out of it/intoxicated because fuq it, the world is so weird might as well go on a bender about it?? Yes, well no 3 is understandable, and could turn you on for a minute; but honestly with the healer Chiron in your health sector, giving into toxic indulgence could be SO counterproductive here, know what I mean?

Image: Christian Girotto

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