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So hot Mars in Scorpio season is here, from October 12th till Nov 24th, hallelujah! Mars, your old skool ruler loves being in Scorpio and you love being a fierce, formidable force of nature with Mars firing up your powerful lust for life.

Especially Mars sextile your ruler Pluto, turning direct in your communication sector and trine magical Neptune in your 5th house of personal confidence; just as he charges into Scorpio. October looks like fun!

I mean you’ve been digging deep, to phoenix through all that spiritual growth you’ve been working at, with Mars in your soul sector and Pluto retro lately. So now you have permission to rise up singing…

With a rush of raw, dynamic physical vitality, to energise whatever turns you on right now:

And speaking of your desire nature, Mars & Pluto have you sexy as fuq! I mean your famous libido and desirable charisma is pretty legendary, at the best of times. And Mars/Pluto bring next level passion, seductive romance magic and alluring flirty wiles to your love life.

Also Mars joining caring Ceres in Scorpio, opposite positive Jupiter & sparky Uranus in your love sector. To reveal what really matters to you. Because as much as your reputation as a sex maniac, what you really care about is deeper, devotional emotional connection right? So the courage to share true feelings with your lover -whether it radical vulnerability or radical, cool new ways to relate to one another. Getting real, with crazy real authenticity in a committed relationship, love affair or crush feels so rewarding!

Or even dealing with the freedom that comes with being single, or taking personal space from some weird love interest, you may or may not be able to make it work with? You are so busy being on fire, owning your personal power to chase your own dreams; for permission to be true to yourself in between figuring out whatever relationship status, know what I mean?

Because meanwhile, Venus direct in your brilliant career sector since Sept 6th has had you powering forward with professional moxy. To harness Saturn/Neptune in your talent sector, to work the creative process on the job, polish your brand and ok, good looks & charm to shine in the world. And not just to do with biz/career progress:

Venus hooks up with Lilith, as they swan into your social & networking sector from Oct 10th. Venus brings charming wiles, to finesse your schmooze on the scene. But in true Scorpio style, you are not just people-pleasing. Lilith brings the bitching, uncompromising attitude you do so well, to present yourself as you are to your tribe. Your unique charisma is quite the bomb!

If they get you all the better, as you have so much spunky confidence to offer your unique point of view to the world. To share the collective growth together.

And if they don’t, same goes. You’re too busy charging around being real too really give a fuq about bourgeois expectations, right? I mean especially with aggro Mars in your sign. Your vibe is go home or go home.. you are officially on fire!

Ok also the New Moon of Oct 15h is in your soul sector, opposite healer Chiron in your healthy 6th house. Mars also has you fiercely protective of your sacred personal space; where you replenish whatever spiritual & creative connection with your muse helps you, to create alignment with your own, unique sense of purpose every day. Quiet, dark horse style filling your own cup is an important moment to embrace, mid month.

Image: Kate Moss

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