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Jupiter lingering around the cusp of your 6th house of work/health discipline right now, getting ready to retrograde back into your talent/play sector by November, means you are assessing the creative process rather than just charging forward for the sake of it. So Venus opposite Jupiter Oct 2nd is nice, for a flash of inspo to play with for the rest of the month…

Especially the Full Moon of Oct 10th, in your 6th house conjunct the healer Chiron, opposite Venus/Sun in your dreamy 12th house. This is all about the power of self care:

Taking care of your physical wellbeing, with healthy habits that make you feel good.

Taking care of your spiritual wellbeing; by tuning into your creative muse you are inspired to manifest beauty, art & harmony in your daily life.

The better to have the physical vitality & mental clarity to make wise, productive choices on the day job-to be working towards stuff that turns you on, rather than the daily grind just for the sake of it. Know what I mean?

Meanwhile Mars spending the next several months in your home turf, the 8th house has your famous spidey senses on; to do with interpersonal & biz entanglements:

So Mars square Neptune in your talent sector, Oct 11th is gut instincts you can trust, about who to do creative & biz collaboration with.

And Mars trine Venus Oct 18th, is classic astro for natural, easy romantic chemistry. And with Mars in the 8th house of sexy/emotional passion and Venus in your soulmating 12th house-whatever attraction you are into runs quite deep. Powerful feelings & kinaesthetic physical attraction could be rising up here; to reveal your innate, intelligence instincts about someone special, worth connecting with.

Then Venus into Scorpio from the 23rd, for that magnetic beauty, charisma and desirability you are so famous for. Especially by the Scorpio New Moon of the 25th, conjunct Venus. Such a fabulous moment to embrace your gorgeousness -with an acute sense of focusing your creative talent, charm & genius intentionally:

Trine Mars in your sexy 8th house, your famous seductive allure could so magnetise someone equally hot blooded into your realm.

Could be irresistible flirty wiles, to drive your crush mad with desire for you.

Could be taking the time to express your feelings authentically, with your partner/lover/special someone. Especially with radical Uranus on the Destiny Point in your love sector, liberating moments of crazy, clear communication are such a turn on. Ideally to bring you guys closer together, with renewed passion of course.

But even if Uranus retro is shaking up a relationship outside the normal comfort zone, or even dealing with a break up; the Destiny Point has your number, in terms of directing your attention to the next, liberating chapter of your love life.

Also syncing positive Jupiter in your work sector, you could so work some professional gig, with bang on instincts about getting ahead with the sheer brilliance of being amazing at what you do. And, as we discussed earlier, thriving professionally includes a rewarding, fulfilling, fun and healthy lifestyle, right?

Meanwhile Saturn direct, from the 23rd helps to keep a clear eye on the domestic dynamic to this end. A supportive family vibe and comfortable, functional home base feels more important and realistically achievable from late Oct. Nice one.

Image: Sasha Pivovarova for Miles Aldridge

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