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So with Mars firing up your 6th house of work & health for the rest of the year, you have presumably figured out that 2020 is primo time to pull yourself together and get your productive healthy/wealthy & wise game on right?

Which makes the Full Moon of Oct 2nd in your 6th house particularly relevant. With the healer Chiron involved you are so onto looking after your physical health & wellbeing, the better to thrive just because it feels so good to embrace optimum vitality of course; and also to be that much more functional on the day job…

Because Chiron is also be calling attention to workplace issues, where you are more sensitive to the nuances of workplace politics. I mean ok, Mars on Lilith has you wanting to rip the head off any tricky fuqwits in your way or blowing up at the slightest delay thwarting your brilliance -and we all know you are formidable when you get your bitch on! But equally your instincts are sharp when it comes to suave negotiation & problem solving, to manoeuvre advantageous outcomes more efficiently than just conflict for the sake of it, know what I mean?

Especially with Venus in your biz sector trine Mars/Lilith. Showing off your sheer talent with shiny networking skills is the best way to harness that spunky, uncompromising integrity & will to succeed of yours -right?

And with clever Mercury in your sign all month, clear thinking & persuasive communication is your thing. And with lucky Jupiter untangling any gnarly self doubt or control freaky dialogues of Pluto/Saturn in your ideas sector –you get that thinking positive thoughts & articulating positive affirmations in the world really is game changing. Be the fabulous change you want to see in the world and all that.

Also because Mercury turns retrograde just in time for the New Moon in your soul sector, October 17th. So mid month is about checking in with the quality of your inner intuition, for a more inspired perspective on your spooky, powerful magical manifesting genius.

Meanwhile Uranus retro in your love sector, and sexy Mars retro square sexy Pluto… passions are running high but gosh could be bonkers! Great time to feel into the brewing romantic potential, but maybe not so much any major decisions just yet?


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