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Your ruler Pluto back into your clever 3th house recently, where you have been grappling with a transformative attitude to life; interrogating your own belief systems, clear thinking and clear, courageous communication for the last several years.

So you feel ready to revisit how your ideas and dialogues have been evolving, with a fresh eye. For brutally honest, positive, empowered self-awareness. Until next February Pluto helps to clean up your act- mentally, making intelligent plans and to do with how you express yourself, being immaculate with your word. Right??

Perfect timing for the Full Moon of July 3rd, joining Pluto in your 3rd house. Your intuition becomes crystal clear, for instinctive intelligence -to explore whatever brilliant ideas and dialogues feel truly emotionally congruent:

Opposite Sun/Mercury in your visionary, expansive 9th house. The intellectual confidence to learn more about whatever fascinates you the most, and embrace any adventurous new experience your natural curiosity is leading you towards…

Aspect Saturn in your 5th house of showing off your talent. I mean this can be the party sector, having fun just for the sake of it and that’s fine.

But right now, good times are more to do with the creative discipline to be the best you can be at what you do. Just because it feels good to work immaculate self-expression, being totally true to your innate desire to excel. So worth it!

Trine Jupiter in your love sector. To the extent you have a relationship ready to evolve next level, or ready to meet someone exciting, to knock your socks off? This Moon reveals how much open minded, intellectual rapport with your partner/ lover/potential crush can be such a turn on. Brewing exciting plans, or the thrill of the unknown with someone special, to grow together feel so positive.

So much more alluring than tedious desire to control one another, with insecure commitment issues -know what I mean?

Or if single, to be honest you love the freedom to chase your dreams sans relationship pressure…could work a treat?

Meanwhile, speaking of relationships -Bitch Lilith/Venus/Mars conjunct in your brilliant career sector, early July. The emphasis on professional connections that support your growth, on your own terms. I mean it’s all very well to be uncompromising and fierce about what you’re trying to achieve-and even better to be networking & collaborating with the right people, who get it, right?

Then the New Moon of July 18th in your expansive 9th house, opposite Pluto in your 3rd house. A fresh perspective on your most empowering schemes & dreams, and how to power forward with the courage of your convictions. Stay clear, the better to go forth and thrive!

Image: Helmut Newton


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