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So as your planetary ruler Pluto, completes 15 years in your 3rd house, of ideas & communication, you get to look back and appreciate how far you’ve come.

You’ve been asked to dig deep, to interrogate what you believe in and then be impeccable with your word, expressing whatever you discover you are really on about. Many signs would have struggled, to face any demons of naff old mental programming and put themselves out there, sharing fresh points of view as they arise, with the courage of hard won convictions. But as a brave Scorpio, child of Pluto you’ve really risen to the challenge! By now you are radiant with self awareness, speaking truth with un-fuqwithable self assurance. Well done you.


Which makes your charisma particularly sexy, with Mercury in your 3rd early Feb, where Venus/Mars come into conjunction from Feb 6th onwards. The more you reconcile your values with right action, to do with every decision you make you are supremely comfortable in your own skin. The more all your relationships benefit from your crystal clear communication skills, being more charming & persuasive?

Especially your famously intriguing flirty wiles, particularly magnetic for luring romantic interest towards you. I mean you’re always maddeningly desirable, even standing in a corner making eyes without saying a word, as you do. And early Feb, you get the thrill of actually talking about it! Intelligent conversations with your crush, lover/partner are the new turn on. 


Then the focus turns to Pluto, recently commencing a 20 year phase of transforming your 4th house; about home, family and where you want to live. You’ve got ages to figure out what domestic bliss looks like, and create the ideal Scorpio abode. And deal with family dynamics. Any skeletons in the closet/weird power trips are revealed, as well as the deep devotion you share with your tribe, to figure it out and be real with one another? This kind of authenticity, ditching toxic behaviour & bonding with the people who deserve your enduring loyalty works for blood kin as well as co-habs, heart fam you create & domestic bliss with your romantic partner.


I point this out, because it’s a big deal this month!

The New Moon of Feb 10th joins Pluto/Mercury in your 4th house; square radical Uranus & positive Jupiter in your 7th house/love sector. A stunning fresh perspective, on the most positive ways to connect with your most valuable loved ones & tribe.

Then Venus/Mars perfect their conjunction Feb 21st, conjunct Pluto in your 4th house. This works a treat for harmonising any domestic/family dynamics, with sweet compatibility. And it must be said, especially smoking hot, romantic chemistry with your partner, hot dates on home turf and maybe even shacking up, with your lover?


Then the Full Moon of Feb 24th, in your social sector opposite Mercury, Sun & Pluto in your 5th house of self expression:

You work clever creative discipline, to get better at what you do. The better to be taken seriously, as you network with all the right people to get your genius out there. Especially Destiny Point exactly conjunct Chiron, in your work sector.

I mean when you show off professionally, it’s not just shallow self promotion-you have serious talent that you work your ass off to have integrity about. So do admit, you like to be treated with the gravitas you deserve, thank you very much.

Same goes for swanning around on the social scene. Not so much a fluffy social butterfly, as that intense person provoking deep conversations, to keep it real. Or lurking in the corner, being enigmatic and making sexy eye contact with anyone brave enough to approach you? Ha, you adore being an expert at mysterious yet provocative charisma-it’s your thing!


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