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So let’s talk about the Scorpio brain and communication skills…

First the critical Scorpio cliches, according to the gutter press:

-You are prone to the kind of reptile thinking that is constantly plotting revenge, power maneuvers & complicated psycho/sexual advances, lol. I’m joking of course but you know what I mean, do admit you can brood like a bitch over every little thing & let obsessive emo cloud your thinking, sometimes?

-You like to hide out in the corner, with an enigmatic brooding vibe; sending cryptic mixed messages or enigmatic bedroom eyes (depending on the situation) -as opposed to actual clear, verbal communication? Or when you do speak your mind, it’s so devastatingly perceptive/savage & emotionally powerful you leave people lying on the side of the road, wondering WTF just hit them, lol?

Ok sorry for making fun of you -just that clever Mercury on your primal ruler Pluto this month, in your 3rd house of ideas & verbal expression exacerbates your primal intensity. Which is actually brilliant- to tune into your spooky, accurate instincts to see things clearly, and realize how empowering that innate intelligence can be…

Because the best news is Venus lighting up your 3rd house, in an extended visit from Nov till March; and Mars conjunct Venus all Feb energises your gorgeous, inspired attitude as follows:

-You make the effort to choose positive affirmations! You understand that feeding negative drama is a tempting, but ultimately unsatisfying cheap thrill. Because it’s so easy to focus on delicious, productive intentions that turn you on right now, with the raw, spunky energy to follow through & make them happen. Some people call it magical manifestation, and for you it’s a natural thing- to feed your healthy, energising desire nature & viola, cool stuff happens in your world. Yes, that’s the intentional, sexy Scorp we know & love.

-And speaking of sexy, the Mars/Venus action this month is spectacular for your romantic communication! Especially Mercury/Pluto, for the kind of limbic, passionate vulnerability to get real with someone special.

If partnered, you get to clear the air on some unresolved issue etc, to talk it over & ideally nenew the chemistry you adore about each other.

If dating/on the prowl, I tell you what your flirty, seductive wiles are even more on point than usual. Ha, anyone you’re sweet on now better watch out -your intoxicating allure is hard to resist!

Especially trine sparky Uranus in your love/partner sector; the attraction action aint exactly stable/controllable rules of engagement, but could be thrilling romance to turn you on…

Meanwhile the New Moon of Feb 1st is in your home sector, on control freaky Saturn. So maybe family dynamics or sorting out some real estate scenario is where you keep your intentions crystal clear, for best results.

The better to have a stable base, from which to chase the cool professional instincts that reveal themselves with the Full Moon in your biz sector, Feb 17th. And Mars/Venus exact for this Moon, so your professional superpower is shmoozy biz/work relationships & knowing who to charm, right?

Image: the wonderful Hannah Lemholt.


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