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The New Moon of the 8th in your biz sector reveals your best professional instincts this month. It’s conjunct Mercury, for clever schemes you are ready to unleash upon the world and finessing the dialogues/networking opportunities to share your genius around.

I mean you are usually not the shameless self-promotion type, you find it kind of tacky right? You prefer to quietly work behind the scenes, dark horse style then surprise the world with ‘instant’ success, out of nowhere & they don’t know how the fuq you do it? Do admit you love keeping your biz strategies close to your chest and your enigma intact, lol. But I’m just saying Mercury suggests a bit of open communication could go a long way here…

And with Venus & Mars in your social sector, you are unusually busy on the scene; sharing good times with your crew just for fun/nurturing special friendships -and maybe hustling nice professional opportunities as you go? Either way you are most energised by feeling connected; human interaction, tribe and supportive networks feel so good for you right now.

Including family and domestic relationships. Even if Saturn in your home sector square Uranus in your love sector feels kind of scratchy, Jupiter retro into your home sector reminds you look after one another with as much unconditional care as possible.

And Uranus doing trickster moves in your love sector has been pushing you out of your comfort zone for a while; embracing the unknown of unpredictable romance rather than the smoking intensity you usually go for. The Full Moon of the 22nd, conjunct Jupiter is great for the emotional oxygen, to love large with that sexy passion you do so well but not so much fixed expectations huh?

Meanwhile Venus opposite Neptune inspiring your talent/fun sector around the 10th. This is most auspicious to enchant the masses with your creative brilliance, if you’re up for promising professional self- expression. Also great to cut loose and enjoy yourself, with whatever simple, life affirming pleasures turn you on with the people you like to spend time with.

Bearing in mind that the healer Chiron, in your lifestyle sector currently has you under a strict regime of healthy habits right now if you want to keep up a productive work ethic, feel good in your skin and thrive in the world. You are onto this right?

Image: Hannah Lemholt


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