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The New Moon of April 1st grounds the fresh, squeaky clean clarity that New Moons bring in your 6th house of health, wellbeing, work ethic, sense of purpose and day job success. How perfect for a healthy, wealthy & wise vibe to begin the month.

Healthy: With the wounded healer Chiron & clever Mercury on this Moon, you are supremely aware of listening to your body, with sensitive emotional intelligence. You tune into any physical issues coming up highly intuitive and switched on, to the best medical/healthcare solutions for you.

Whilst understanding the intricate connection between your body, mind, feelings and spiritual awareness -know what I mean?

And I am not at all suggesting you are more likely to be unwell with this astro -more that it’s a great time to thrive, by focusing on a holistic attitude to optimal vitality & wellbeing, right?

Wealthy & wise: Mercury on this Moon is a busy, details orientated, highly communicative attitude to your work life. Things that work right now include a highly organised daily routine, finessing the details with laser-like perfection, finessing any professional dialogues with a genius, persuasive charisma, pitching your biz/ideas to the right people to hustle success. And if you happen to work in writing/media/research/academia you are so onto it right now!

And Chiron keeps it all emotionally congruent. As in you get that if you’re going to be running around getting it right, might as well focus intentions toward a fulfilling gig that actually makes you feel good.

It’s a great time to embrace your ideal, productive & enjoyable work/life balance.

Because the rare, divine Jupiter/Neptune conjunction this month is in your play/self-expression sector:

Powerful, positive inspo, to finesse the creative process with whatever talent you’re best at. And show off your visionary brilliance (thank you Neptune), in a way that speaks to the cultural zeitgeist right now.

And life-affirming fun, doing stuff you enjoy just because it feels so good to be your true self in the world. Yes underneath your cool, controlled, enigmatic charisma is a primal lust for life; and time to have a good time with authentic self-expression, doing your natural thing.

Meanwhile the Venus/Mars relationship magic, of the last 2 months is finishing conjunct Saturn, in your home sector early April. Domestic & family relationships could harmonise beautifully, after doing the work to support one another recently.

And if there are any sticky issues still unresolved, Mars/Saturn exact on the 5th could be the time to lay it on the table, clear the air and sort it out as best as possible with minimal drama. Yes discipline may be required, to contain your frustration with any control-freakery going on (or acknowledge your own power trippy moments, hmmm?); but so worth it to create a happy home, with healthy emotional boundaries.

Then the Full Moon of the 17th is in your soul sector, square Pluto in your ideas/communication sector. It feels like your most inspired thoughts and those spooky, magical insights of yours are able to be shared with a powerful sense of conviction. Fabulous, for fearless self-expression in the world!

Image Emma Watson


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