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So as you may know, my Instagram account is gypsyqueentarotoracle-where I share my astro posts and tarot app updates. And my Insta bio has a link to this website, where many of you find me via Insta, and my gorgeous clients come to book in for readings, and read my website posts.

The problem is, another fake account has called itself gypsyqueentarotcard, and cut and pasted my info, and a link to this website to the bio in their account.

First of all is galling, to work so hard to create quality content-to be hacked by some scam account, gah.

SO, if you have been directed here from a trashy account, with a porn type blonde and trashy meme posts called gypsyqueentarotcard-this is NOT my account! I have reported them, for using my contact details. Meanwhile, feel free to enjoy this website, and please go follow my real Insta account-gypsyqueentarotoracle.

Thanks for reading folks. and please beware of any fake posts on insta, pretending to be me xx

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