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So the month begins with your ruler Jupiter turning retrograde, from Sept 6th for the rest of the year.

And Jupiter being in your practical 6th house, your attention is on positive lifestyle choices:

Healthy physical vitality is more important than ever. As always you love a good workout, and keep moving as much as possible to feel alive.

I mean do admit you dig a bit of indulgent excess, with a slight appetite for debauchery, lol. But even more you need the positive attitude of a strong body & mind, to wake up with a dynamic lust for life every day.

And the better to embrace an expansive sense of what you’re capable of, professionally. Healthy, wealthy & wise is your best look, as you work towards the idealistic goals that matter to you.

So Jupiter retro, with Uranus retro also in your 6th house; you get how to be innovative about it. You take the time to interrogate your lifestyle decisions-and realise you are ready for any radical changes required, to clean up your act for the rest of the year. Sudden personal growth, to evolve is a turn on. And dropping any naff old habits is the freedom to create the life you want to live, right?

The better to prepare for Jupiter direct from Jan 1st, for fab, fresh momentum in 2024. Something to totally look forward to…

Meanwhile Venus turning direct from Sept 6th in your home turf, the expansive 9th house. Trine Chiron with the Destiny Point, in your playful 5th house:

The sudden confidence to embrace your visionary dreams & schemes. By coming to terms with your natural talent, cultivating healthy creative discipline, towards the long term goals that are dear to your heart.

Especially by the New Moon of Sept 15th, in your brilliant career sector:

In a grand trine with Pluto in your prosperity sector, and Uranus joining your ruler Jupiter in your work/health sector. Ridiculously powerful astro, to perfect the synergy between healthy, innovative daily habits and work ethic, towards your most inspiring career goals-in a way that is potentially super lucrative!

I mean with all these boss planets retrograde, you get the imperative to check your assumptions and find radical new ways of doing things, right?

Mercury turning direct, in your career sector is helpful. I mean do admit with your exuberant, visionary mind, you can be somewhat blasé about ‘trivial’ details, lol. So Mercury is handy to focus on effective, practical strategies; where you actually finesse the details as you re-imagine your overall plan. This could be quite character building, in terms of a disciplined attention span, hmmm?

Then the Full Moon of Sept 15th is more wriggle room to have a good time,

in your 5th house of fun and creative talent:

With the healer Chiron conjunct the Destiny Point involved. You get to play with the creative process, just for fun. Because it feels good to be damn good at whatever you do -if this leads to promising professional, networking opportunities as you shine, all the better.

And to align with Jupiter in your lifestyle sector, doing stuff you love as a daily routine-to feel truly alive!

Including romance. With Venus sextile Mars in your social sector, the more you shine like a crazy diamond, your natural flirty charisma is so alluring on the dating scene, or maybe a sudden attraction at work?

And if already in love, caring Ceres in your soul sector trine Saturn in your home sector. Beautiful commitment with your shacked up lover, to bond more deeply works a treat.

Image: unable to find original credit for this gorgeous picture.


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