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So you know how everyone thinks you’re some kind of rock star extrovert, with all that bravado swagger you get around with?

But maybe they miss the spiritual seeker aspect, with that expansive, cosmic mind of yours always looking for a broader meaning for everything?

Which is why you can be a tad avoidant, relationship wise and surprisingly introverted socially at times. As your natural oxygen is the freedom to follow your own bliss, as a solo pilgrim/free spirit exploring the meaning of life. Unencumbered by tedious conversations, that suffocate your broader, visionary genius. And ok, just the freedom of movement to get around unencumbered by social or emotional obligations that cramp your wild-child lifestyle.

I bring this up, because Mars stimulating your social sector lately has hopefully been fun, with whatever social butterfly buzz turns you on? And also aware of how much networking it takes, to begin draining your energy?

So this month is about Mars into your soul sector from Oct 12th. Especially joining healthy Ceres in your 12th opposite your ruler Jupiter retro in your healthy 6th house:

Self care feels like hide out doing weird shamanic, secret Sag business. Recharging your spiritual & creative batteries, dark horse mode. Permission to do your own thing, communing with your muse that nobody else knows what the fuq you’re on about -feels so good!

But also just in time for the New Moon Eclipse of Oct 15th, in your social sector, conjunct chatty Mercury. Do admit you can be quite verbose, when the mood strikes lol. As you get your shamanic, wisdom vibe on, you love to come charging unannounced out of the woodwork, with something to say:

Whether earnest, meaningful discussions about the state of the world, that you have been reflection upon so deeply? Craving simpatico, intellectually satisfying chats that… please, surely someone gets your breadth of vision, to talk about it??

Or just being the life of the party, in delightful raconteur mode. Someone hand that Sag another cocktail, as they rave on about whatever keeps the conversation interesting -could be fun?

So there’s a balance to strike mid-month. Between your public charisma, to wow the masses with your genius. Especially Mercury joining Mars in your soul sector from Oct 22nd, doing the inner work behind the scenes, which actually replenishes your essential energy.

Meanwhile Venus/Bitch Lilith conjunct, as they charge into your brilliant career sector from Oct 10th, opposite Saturn retro in your home sector.

Whilst your ruler Jupiter low-key retrograde, in your 6th house of work and healthy lifestyle. Getting your personal act together, with productive, positive daily habits and cleaning up your domestic situation & family dynamics is key. For the physical vitality and emotional/creative focus required, to go forth and nail your unique, professional standards you expect of yourself in the world.

Especially by the Full Moon, partial Eclipse of Oct 29th, with Jupiter in your 6th house. Aspect Lilith/Venus in your career sector and Mars/Mercury in your soul sector. To really clarify your instincts, about how important healthy physical, emotional & spiritual self care is. To feel good about being you, and uncompromising, about whatever vocational success actually matters!

Meanwhile love? If you are lucky enough to have a partner, lover or weird crush who feels like soulmate magic? It’s all about how they inspire and support your integrity, to be fully true to yourself -and you absolutely adore & appreciate them for it! Of course you reciprocate the unconditional love, with no weird strings attached -it’s what you do.

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