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So how you going with your lucky ruler Jupiter, direct in your income sector since mid Sept -hopefully a fab new financial confidence to turn you on?

Because remember Saturn in your sign was such a bitch, for disciplined personal growth 2015-2018? And just when you thought you were off the hook, you’ve had Saturn on Pluto in your income sector since 2019 & still going strong; to drive your fierce determination to achieve lucrative success but so many goddamn obstacles to deal with along the way…aargh is the hard yakka ever going to end after all these years??

Yes –hallelujah Jupiter is on the move, and about to increasingly pick up the most positive, abundant potential of Pluto/Saturn earning power for the rest of 2020-yay go you! I mean it’s not just wealth for the sake it you’re working here; it’s funding the meaningful, rewarding, independent life you want to live on your on terms -you’ve totally earned this one & so goddamn ready for it…

I mean also with Mars driving your lust for life for the rest of the year, in your 5th house of creative expression, talent & shiny personal confidence. Especially in sync with Lilith this month, your spunky self-determination is like a fabulous force of nature right now!

So with your native optimism running high you don’t even mind Mars retro till mid Nov, you just see it as an opportunity to tidy up your act & finesse the creative process. Especially the Full Moon of Oct 2nd on the healer Chiron, to reveal & come to terms with any vulnerable, wobbly self-doubt still lurking under the surface with healthy compassion. I mean you’re not one to waste time on turgid self-recrimination/naval gazing at the best of times, you frankly don’t have time.

Especially with Venus sparkly in your success sector from the 3rd, you get that it’s ok to accept your human flaws & shine on like a crazy diamond anyway –lovely.

Meanwhile Mars in your fun sector trines the Destiny Point in your love sector this month; a nice reminder that your committed partnership benefits from a light, playful romantic approach right now, and if single it’s so promising to get out & about & flirt it up for sure!


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