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The Sagittarius Full Moon of June 4th aligns with your natural, positive exuberance, the more you are brave enough to trust your gut instincts this month. Because this Moon is a cracker, in a grand trine with Chiron and Bitch Lilith. And your ruler Jupiter, conjunct the Destiny Point:

The healer Chiron in your 5th house of talent, creative self-expression and fun. As much as any self-doubt may be triggered, about your capacity to shine your brilliance in the world-maybe a moment of imposter syndrome, or wondering if the stoopid world is actually ready for your unique genius? Chiron says no need to prove yourself to anyone; much better play, with whatever meaningful sense of creative purpose rocks your boat right now.

I mean Lilith and Mars in your home turf, the expansive 9th house dials up your natural bravado to peak confidence. As in you just don’t tend to give a fuq about expectations at the best of times, and consider yourself exempt from bourgeois rules -as you fearlessly follow your dreams. Yes, and ideally underneath the swagger; Chiron brings the honesty to also understand your human flaws with healthy, healing self-acceptance, right?

And your lucky ruler Jupiter conjunct the Destiny Point, with Mercury conjunct Uranus in your practical 6th house. This is seriously fabulous:

The more you are attuned to a productive sense of purpose, your innate, positive attitude thrives! Whether embracing meaningful goals on the day job-especially Uranus trine caring Ceres in your biz sector, unexpected opportunities to do what you love are quite auspicious. And your normal impatience with tedious details, that tends to trip you up just when you are about to succeed? Suddenly you are so excited about what you do, finessing the details becomes creatively inspiring. Nice one.

Also feeling good about healthy wellbeing. Your natural inclination to move your body every day feels so damn right, with the most robust, dynamic exercise regime you can manage. Because the endorphins of feeling fit are not only physically beneficial, but also bring your mental focus into optimum clarity. So any potentially nervous, anxious energy, from Mercury/Uranus can be so calmed down with a good old fashioned, sweaty workout. Or even yoga/mediation type practice, to keep your mind and body in harmony. I know you get this of course, it’s your natural thing.

Then Pluto retro, back into your values/money sector from June 11th, till next Feb. Grounding all this vocational motivation and desire to earn good coin, to fund the healthy, fulfilling lifestyle you desire? Yes Pluto has you feeling lucrative enough, to make it happen.

Then the New Moon of June 18th, in your love sector. For your annual mating Moon -perfect to have Venus and Mars conjunct, in your home turf 9th house, conjunct Lilith:

In other words you are so turned on by your current partner, lover or crush. Or even if single, your romantic radar so on point and open to the next attraction. And at the same time super protective of your personal space, as you focus on your own goals with that independent vibe of yours.

So with Mercury in your love sector, the best relationship is a meeting of minds. Someone special who gets what you’re on about, loves you for it and you reciprocate the same mutual respect? Gold!

Image: David Sims for Vogue Paris


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