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Well just in case your positive ruler Jupiter, into your 5th house of play, creativity and showing off your talent wasn’t exciting enough, for the coming year?

You also have Mars joining Jupiter this month; for extra vitality, creative passion to do what you love and sheer, unstoppable confidence to shine on your own terms. Yay, June looks like fun!

And Mercury turning direct on the Destiny Point from the 3rd, then Venus/Uranus conjunct on the 11th in your work/lifestyle/health sector is helpful:

- to get your head around daily strategies & organise your time as best as possible, to be an efficient success machine.

-the better to embrace the kind of cool, autonomous professional options that allow the liberating, independent lifestyle you adore-more so than worrying about job/financial security kind of concerns. I mean anyone else would consider this vibe pretty radical, but for you is par for the course -to manifest whatever is truly turning you on in real life.

Then Mars on the healer Chiron, in your 5th house mid month shines a light on your best & worst habits to this end:

On the one hand you are the sign most likely to deal with any insecurities, as you seek to express yourself in the world with a totally positive attitude. You’re like I’m too busy being my true self to give a fuq what anyone thinks; I’ve got my swagger on and if I fail I’ll pick myself up & try again & happy to embrace success however it comes -even if that means being a rebel in the world bring it on! Bravo, the rest of us are so inspired by your exuberant moxy, of course.

On the other hand Jupiter can be extravagant lifestyle choices, that Mars/Chiron can exacerbate… Reckless, risky behaviour just for the sake of breaking all the rules, or any naughty, indulgent pleasures that become toxic/cheap thrills beyond moderation? Yeah, no Chiron will be a swift reality check, about what’s good for you, know what I mean?

Especially just in time for the Sagittarius Full Moon of the 14th, to align with your optimum potential. I mean your annual Full Moon is always great to charge around with your spunky swagger on, to live how you want just because it feels good to be you. Yes, go for it you fabulous wildling! But also this Moon has some extra considerations as follows:

-Square Neptune in your home sector. For various reasons you need to be very sensitive to the feelings of your family, co-habs or live-in partner right now. There is a lot of caring empathy going on with your loved ones and worth considering their needs as you go, even if this temporarily cramps your style a little? Or you could be dealing with sketchy misunderstandings with certain peeps, especially if boundaries are not being respected or just refusing to talk it through? Aargh personal relationships can be a headfuq, especially with caring Ceres & bitchily autonomous Lilith in your sex/emotional entanglements sector; you’re gonna have to get the balance right between your own needs/healthy boundaries and & healthy, loving relationships one way or the other…

-With Saturn in your communication sector you need to be impeccable with your word. As much as you love to rant about your beliefs etc -and you are quite the wise, educated philosopher & raconteur so it’s fab to share your well thought-out ideas around. Also Saturn retro says back your opinion up with facts, take the time to listen as well,for genuinely intelligent dialogue and maybe even re-consider a few of your most cherished assumptions, to finesse what you’re on about -know what I mean?

Then Venus into your love/partner sector from June 23rd, for a few months ahead of good old fashioned romantic bliss to turn you on. Maybe your lover makes the effort to make you feel special, with quality time together. Gosh you deserve it, to simply enjoy each other’s company & re-boot the chemistry you share-after doing the emotional work for genuine mutual understanding. Or if single/on the prowl, this is totally where you meet someone gorgeous who is also into you- yay this could be promising!

Especially Venus in your partner sector & Jupiter in your play sector in exact alignment with the New Moon of the 29th in your sex/intimacy sector – ooh la la, hot mating vibes for sure!

I mean this Moon is bang on Bitch Lilith, so any attraction needs to be based on really understanding each other are, anything less than mutual respect is gonna get tetchy. But I’m just saying the sexy frisson going on here is so passionate; the sheer force of mutual attraction is stronger than any difference of opinion or feeding stupid drama. Especially with caring Ceres in play, you are all about empathy & working through the psycho/sexual/vulnerable issues, to make it work -or at least make love for a gorgeous, memorable affair right?

Yes, you are quite the lovely lover late June, and more likely with someone special who is an equal match x

Image: Isabeli Fontana by David Sims, for Vogue Paris


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